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Episode 01: Why does Hello Divorce want to disrupt the California divorce industry!?

Why does Hello Divorce want to disrupt the California divorce industry!?

    • Divorce lawyer and Hello Divorce founder Erin Levine shares why the California divorce industry was ripe for disruption – and why she created her innovative online divorce platform, Hello Divorce.
    • The expense of a traditional divorce in California ($18,000 – $27,000 per person) and the fact that 85% of people have no access to meaningful legal help.
    • How the technology behind Hello Divorce saves significant amounts of money.
    • Why a DIY divorce with legal help on demand is efficient, effective and reduces conflict in divorce.

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Disrupting California Divorce: Read the Transcript

Welcome to the Hello Divorce podcast. I’m your host, Erin Levine. I’m super excited to share with you my top insider tips for divorce, including actionable steps in bite sized pieces to lowering the cost, conflict, and confusion surrounding your divorce, so that you can move on to that next awesome chapter with peace of mind and your financial and emotional integrity in check. But before we get there, I want to share with you the Hello Divorce origin story, why I pivoted away from my million dollar law firm to create an online divorce platform.

Hello Divorce was really born out of my desire to meet client needs and wants, and to create a new way to divorce. One that wasn’t predicated on the archaic, inefficient, conflict producing legal system. I had my own experience with law when I was a teen, and it was victimizing, disempowering, confusing, and triggering. I felt like the victim when I definitely was not. I received justice in the traditional sense of the word, but it just never felt like enough, and it left me with a hole. I never wanted my clients to experience that again. So I always knew that my mission would take me somewhere different. Creating a legal services delivery model that turned the legal system on its head.

When I started researching what consumers wanted, I learned that the average cost of divorce is between $18,000 and $27,000 per person, depending on where you live and if you have kids. I also learned that 85% of people don’t have access to meaningful legal help. That means that, despite the fact that this is the most profound breakup of our lives, we are dissolving the most complicated financial contract most of us will ever enter into, the marital contract, alone. But the thing is, most of divorce isn’t brain surgery. It’s procedural, it’s paperwork. And for that piece, we at Hello Divorce have leveraged technology to make it so much easier. So lawyers aren’t preparing the procedural stuff at, say, $400 an hour.

Now, the second part of divorce is substantive. It’s how you’re going to resolve all the big issues. Spousal support, child support, attorney or mediator fees, property division, debt division, and child custody. We noticed at Levine Family Law Group that for some cases, the mere act of lawyering up was causing some divorces to take an ugly turn. Their spouses would log on to the website of their attorney and see where it’s aggressive, zealous advocate, and that scared the crap out of people. So we changed our tune over at Levine Family Law Group, focusing on conflict resolution and getting where you need to go, without increasing conflict where there doesn’t need to be.

At Hello Divorce, we took it one step further. You don’t actually have to have a lawyer to get the best legal help around. You can choose from one of our do it yourself or do it for you options for the procedural stuff, and pay as you go for the legal stuff. Meaning if you need some extra help along the way, sorting out conflict or understanding the law, or maybe even reviewing your final paperwork or getting tips for negotiation, you can pay as you go, accessing legal help directly from our website in increments as small as 30 minutes.

Hello Divorce is my passion project. It’s not only my contribution to the access to justice movement, but it’s really disrupting the way we’ve all practiced law for hundreds of years, and offering a modern option. One that’s easy and convenient, hassle-free. You have enough on your plates. The last thing I want is for your divorce to take over your life. Keep listening to this podcast for actionable tips to keep your divorce amicable, affordable, and of course, to cover all of your legal bases so that you are ready for your fresh start.

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