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Episode 02: What attracted Erin Levine to practice Law? Find out who she is in this revealing episode!

What attracted Erin Levine to practicing law?

In this episode, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine covers:

  • Her 15+ year background as a certified family law expert in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Why the Hello Divorce process includes wellness and collaborative techniques to reduce conflict in divorce. (Worth noting: 92% of completed Hello Divorce divorce cases never saw the inside of the courtroom.)
  • Her life outside of divorce, whether that’s avoiding tech crises, working financial miracles, or her favorite job, as the mom of two smart and happy daughters.

Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Now

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Read the Transcript: Get to Know Erin

Welcome to the Hello Divorce Podcast. I’m your host, Erin Levine. I’m super excited to share with you my top insider tips for divorce, including actionable steps in bite size pieces to lowering the cost, conflict, and confusion surrounding your divorce, so that you can move on to that next awesome chapter with peace of mind and your financial and emotional wellness in check. But before we get there, I’m going to share a bit about me, because after all, you have to trust that the person you are learning from actually has the know-how to get you where you need to go.

I am the CEO and founder of the online divorce platform, Hello Divorce, and San Francisco Bay area boutique law firm, Levine Family Law Group. I have practiced family law exclusively for the past 15 years and am a certified family law specialist. My work in the industry has caught the attention of the legal industry, as well as the larger media, with features in such publications and platforms as Brit + Co, Forbes, OZY, mindbodygreen, Above The Law, and Entrepreneur. I have been voted Super Lawyer for the past six years, and in 2019, the American Bar Association named me to the prestigious list, Women In Legal Technology.

My goal, and that of our team at Hello Divorce and Levine Family Law Group, is to get you through your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our process, expertise, focus on wellness, and collaborative techniques keep the vast majority of divorces low conflict. In fact, 92% of Hello Divorce cases never saw the inside of the courtroom. However, I understand that not every divorce is a conscious uncoupling. I have litigated hundreds of cases over the years, and if litigation is a necessity to secure your rights and/or protect your children, we always conduct a cost benefit analysis to determine if you’re comfortable with the risk associated with putting your livelihood in front of a judge.

If you ask my work family or personal family about me, they’d probably also tell you I’m a survivor, warrior, impact design thinker, systems guru, optimism officer, client success champ, content creator, VP of miscellaneous stuff, chief tech crisis averter, finance miracle worker, product designer, and of course mommy to Zoe and Mia. Keep listening to this podcast for actionable tips to keep your divorce amicable and affordable and of course to cover all of your legal bases, so you are ready for your fresh start.

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