2019 Reisman Award

2019 Reisman Award Goes to…Hello Divorce!

Hello Divorce is thrilled to be the recipient of the 2019 Reisman Award, presented at the Clio Cloud Conference this week in San Diego. Hello Divorce was selected for the Legal Innovation Award, for our work in using technology to challenge industry norms and serve clients in innovative new ways.

The Reisman Awards are presented annually, to recognize impressive work being done by Clio customers. The award is named for the company’s very first customer, Catherine Reisman, whom Clio credits as their inspiration for delivering a software platform that meets the needs of legal professionals.

WATCH: Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine discuss why disrupting the status quo helps clients navigate their divorce better:

Hello Divorce received this award in part thanks to our groundbreaking Divorce Navigator app, which lets users work their way through a guided series of questions to complete their California divorce paperwork.

We’re thrilled to be recognized in this way, and honored by the opportunity to show once again that by empowering people with the right information, tools and support for their DIY divorce, the divorce process can be more transparent, less expensive and less stressful for everyone involved.

Click here to learn how our Divorce Navigator can help you navigate your divorce.

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