Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce

Erin Levine

Founder & CEO

Erin’s innovative, disruptive approach to how Americans interact with the law makes her both a loved and feared force in the legal world. With her groundbreaking divorce navigator platform, she’s revolutionizing the broken divorce process, making it affordable and available to everyone. Erin’s access to justice work has been recognized by the legal industry and beyond, with awards and recognition from the likes of Women Founders Network, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the American Bar Association. And though she’s been a sought-after family law attorney for more than 16 years, she vows to never practice law again.

Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce

Heather MacKenzie

President & Chief Content Officer

Heather is a digital transformation executive whose leadership in e-commerce, strategic content, product development, and brand building directly led to two successful exits ($110 million and $160 million) in less than three years for her last startup, BestReviews. She planned to take 2021 off to get better at ukulele, but after hearing the vision for Hello Divorce, this startup veteran (addict?) couldn’t wait to start disrupting the old guard legal system to make it more accessible and less confusing for consumers. And in case you were wondering, she’s still quite mediocre at ukulele.

Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce

Duncan Swezey

Chief Revenue Officer

After meeting Erin at a female founders event, Duncan says he immediately recognized the potential of Hello Divorce and knew he could contribute. A serial entrepreneur and Techstars alum, Duncan co-founded and led business development at his last startup, Rally, and joined the Hello Divorce team after his successful exit. Duncan brings his deep knowledge of growth marketing and partnerships to build the products and services Hello Divorce’s clients are asking for. He also brings a deep knowledge of collegiate lacrosse (he was a former Notre Dame player), but he doesn’t get mad when no one else on the team understands what he’s talking about.

Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce

Mari Tanaka

Head of Customer Success

Mari is an operational force to be reckoned with. After managing the recording studio and major transactions for multi-Grammy-winning band Green Day for 13 years, she earned her JD and joined Erin at Hello Divorce, where she now wrangles the entire legal operations side of the business, leading recruiting, onboarding, best practices, and efficient working structures for our divorce advisors in every state. This is no small feat … but it’s definitely easier than managing stuff for a rock band.

Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce
Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce
Meet the Founding Team, Hello Divorce

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