Alexis Collentine Family Law Attorney

Through my twelve years of practice I have approached family law from varying perspectives. As an lawyer for Legal Aid in Brooklyn, I advocated for children in child protective and delinquency cases. As a panel lawyer working in the First, Third, Fifth, and Sixth Districts of California, I have represented parents appealing their dependency cases. And as a mediator with Consortium for Children, I’ve worked with biological and prospective adoptive parents to craft post-adoption contact agreements on behalf of their children.

Why Hello Divorce?

I want to ease some of the difficulty for people experiencing an inherently difficult time in their lives. Hello Divorce is an ideal means to do so.

What I Do Best

I think of myself as a translator for or an ambassador of the law because it can seem like a foreign language, or even a foreign country. By listening carefully to clients’ needs and walking them through the process, I can make it all a little less strange.


San Francisco, California

Fun Facts

  • I love to read and usually have three or four books on my bedside table.
  • I can recite the entire starting line-up of the 1989 San Francisco Giants.
Alexis Collentine

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