Ashley Schuh Mediator

I am a certified Family Law Mediator and have completed two 40-hour mediation trainings – one at Harvard University and one at Fordham University. I have helped many couples craft unique, cooperative solutions in their divorce, custody and support matters. In addition to my mediation experience, I have been a family law lawyer for 12 years and have represented clients in contested and cooperative divorces and have both litigated and negotiated resolutions. I became a Certified Family Law Specialist in 2013 and have been a Super Lawyers “Rising Star” each year since 2013 as well.

Why Hello Divorce?

Mediation is about empowering you in your divorce. The process can offer you and your soon-to-be ex specialized help in creating a personalized solution. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, drawn out or complicated process. By focusing on the issues that you need help with, we can find value-added answers. In family law, as in families, there isn’t usually a “right” or “wrong” answer – but together we can find the answer that is right for you.

What I Do Best

I love to be creative! I will bring my legal knowledge and experience to your questions and issues and empower YOU find the answer that’s right for your family.


I lived in 3 states before I was 10 years old and 4 states since then. I am Bay Area transplant but have been here longer than anywhere else (16 years) with the Philadelphia area coming in second (10 years).

Fun FactsAshley Schuh

All three of my kids are named in memory of a grandparent – Andres, age 8, after his paternal Grandfather; Ruby, age 4, after her maternal great-great Grandmother; and Jude Wallace, age 3 months, after his maternal Grandfather.




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