Monica O. Espinosa Family Law Attorney

I have been practicing as an attorney since 2006. I became an attorney because I really wanted to help people solve problems and help remove barriers that people face in resolving disputes. As a family law attorney, I have worked at a local nonprofit offering assistance to thousands of self-represented litigants and in private practice.

Why Hello Divorce?

The world is changing rapidly and technology is the driving force in shifting the way we do work, interact, and find fulfillment. This means people’s needs are changing and the typical legal structure and services must evolve to meet changing needs. I’m excited to be a part of the new era of legal services in family law matters.

What I Do Best

Listening. By truly understanding the client’s goals and the why, I can work with a client to develop a plan that makes the most sense strategically for their particular situation.


I was born in Modesto, California, but I have now lived in the Bay Area longer than I lived in Modesto.

Fun Facts

During and after college, I became an avid salsa dancer. Years later, I developed and promoted a weekly salsa night at a dance club in San Francisco. Every Tuesday night, I deejayed at the club and played my favorites salsa music until long after last call.

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