Stan Sarkisov Family Law Attorney

I enrolled in and graduated from law school knowing I wanted to be a family law lawyer. Since graduating from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2012, I have worked with family law judges, self-represented litigants and in private practice. Growing up in a society driven by ‘family values,’ I was drawn to a set of rules for separation that is not dictated by fault.

Why Hello Divorce?

Technology is advancing and the legal profession cannot lag behind. Successful lawyers today succeed by optimizing the traditional work environment with modern accommodations. Hello Divorce is part of that evolution.

What I Do Best

Explaining and teaching clients the law, which can be an important path towards empowerment in a stressful situation. “Why” is a question that can never be asked too many times.


I moved to the Bay Area seven years ago from Salt Lake City, UT. I now live in Oakland, CA.

Fun Fact

My family and I immigrated from Soviet Russia, where parents cooked every meal at home. I used to hate borsch soup (yes, the red soup with cabbage), but now I’m perfecting my own mother-approved recipe.

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