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Above the Law: Breaking Up Isn’t Hard To Do… Lawyers Made An App For That!

Hello Divorce is highlighted in this article in Above the Law, about how DIY services are filling the gap when it comes to affordable legal help. But, as the article notes, not all DIY is created equally – for a complex issue like divorce, a hybrid model like Hello Divorce, which offers DIY tools and support alongside transparent, flat-rate legal help on demand, from a vetted attorney – is a much wiser option.

“Existing DIY options have been a great solution for more transactional type areas of the law that produce documents such as wills or powers of attorney. In consumer-facing areas of law that require participation of the court (such as divorce and landlord/tenant issues), however, navigating the clerks and courts is an art form. While it might not necessarily be rocket science, it is an acquired skill. For example, some counties “require” forms that the state literally says are “optional.” Moreover, forms are worthless if a person doesn’t know where to file them or how to coordinate service.”


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