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What is an Initial Status Conference in Colorado? And How Do You Prepare?

Don’t panic! The Initial Status Conference (ISC) is just a way for the court to assess where each party is and what you agree upon. It’s informal, not a hearing, there’s no evidence or testimony required, and you don’t need a lawyer. That said, we’ve broken down the ISC process below so you can know what to expect. Every Colorado Court is required to schedule an ISC to occur within 42 days after the Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage or Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (APR) is filed. If you are the party being served (Respondent), it is in your best interest to call the court clerk to determine the date of your first hearing immediately.  If you

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Divorce Mediation Court Involvement

Colorado: We Agree on Everything so Why Is the Judge Making Us Go to Court?

What to expect when you’re (forced) to go to court… The Colorado divorce process is frustrating for a lot of people. We sympathize. Even when you have a complete agreement on all (divorce-related) issues, expect that your Judge will still require your attendance at one (sometimes two) court dates. There is ‘good’ news though – you can head to court without a lawyer (sometimes called “in pro per” or self-represented) and we have everything you need to be prepared. Additionally, if you and your spouse have an agreement, you won’t be slinging mud or battling it out in the courtroom. Read on to understand what to expect at court and how to prepare for your day in court. How many

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