8 Things to Do if You’re Getting Sober During Your Divorce

Divorce is a complete lifestyle transformation. It’s hard enough on its own, but if you’re also on the path toward sobriety you’re conquering two major life changes at once. On good days (or hours) you might feel a bit giddy with excitement about the possibility of whole-life wellness and reinventing yourself. But mostly, there’s likely a ton of uneasiness. And as distracted as you are with your efforts to live in sobriety, you might occasionally feel panicked. What will life look like sober and single? How often will I see my kids? I have seen thousands of brave clients in my 16 years as a divorce lawyer—who have, even in the layers of sadness and uncertainty, found a way to

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divorce hacks

12 Divorce Hacks: Our Best Tips for Surviving and Thriving Through Divorce

Watch our free Divorce Hacks webinar for more in-depth information here. It’s not hard to point out all the flaws in the legal system when it comes to divorce. What is hard is knowing how to not only survive—but thrive—in the divorce process. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of transparency for how it all works. Traditional divorce operates with lawyers hiding behind a fortress of information, obscure legal terms and vague timelines. When you don’t

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Webinar Replay: How Emotional Support Groups Can Help You with Divorce

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! Divorce is so much more than the legal process. Your life is in a constant state of transition and emotions are often all over the place. Let’s face it, the unknown can sometimes feel lonely, heartbreaking, overwhelming, and uncomfortable. But divorce is also an opportunity to reclaim your independence and hope — to really come alive and turn this obstacle into an opportunity for growth that brings us into deeper alignment with

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Webinar Replay: No Such Thing As a “Perfect Divorce Lawyer”

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! You’ve likely received the message: “Divorce is complicated, you need a lawyer”… but ask around and those who have been there say something like, “My lawyer sucked.” Why? Divorce lawyers tend to be… Expensive Slow Stuck in the system Focused on “winning” instead of “resolving” Like any profession, there are good and bad lawyers. There are also well-intentioned lawyers that still won’t meet your needs. Lawyers know you are cost-conscious and so

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Webinar Replay: How to Turn a Complicated Breakup into a Win-Win Divorce with Mediation

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! Do you feel like the only way to get the resolution you want in your divorce is to lawyer up? That’s one of the most common misconceptions about divorce. You can actually get more of what you want, with far less expense and conflict, with mediation. If you have issues to resolve or complicated emotions to work through with your ex, you can get through your divorce without letting it take you

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Webinar Replay: Succeed at Divorce without Lawyers

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! “Can I get divorced without a lawyer?” We hear this question a lot, especially from those who get along pretty well with their ex (all things considered). Lawyers can be so expensive—so do you really need one? The answer to this question, as with most questions in the law is – it depends. If you and your spouse are comfortable completing our questionnaires using our technology to populate your forms, have a

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ready finish divorce

Ready to Finish Your Divorce? Here’s How

“I started my divorce ages ago and I just want to get it done but I have no idea how. Every time I try to complete it, the court rejects my forms. What can I do to finish it up without spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer I don’t need?” Can you relate? We hear something similar from hundreds of people who sign up for our 15-minute free informational call. By the time they speak with us, they’ve tried everything and have almost given up. Some have worked with a paralegal and others have tried another DIY service and their forms were incorrect. Others started with a lawyer, battled it out in court, ran out of money, and then

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no perfect lawyer

Why the Perfect Divorce Lawyer Doesn’t Exist

Everyone seems to be an expert on how to “win” in divorce. Every article I read or podcast episode I listen to has a similar theme: “ Divorce is complicated, so you need a lawyer.” But ask that divorced friend for a referral and they will likely say, “You don’t want my lawyer. S/he sucked.”  Bottom line: there’s no such thing as the perfect divorce lawyer. I know this because I practiced law for 15 years before founding Hello Divorce.

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Lessons after divorce

Seven Life-Changing Lessons We Learn Only After Divorce

No one gets married thinking they will get divorced. But it happens, and that’s okay. And it’s never fun. In fact, even if you’ve come to grips with divorce as the best option, it’s still heartbreaking. But here’s the thing: Most people come out of it so much happier. Sounds hard to believe, right? But after 16 years of working with divorcing couples, I know this to be true. Divorce gives us the opportunity to truly live with intention and

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California Divorce Law

Divorce 101: California Divorce Law Video Tutorial

You may have already heard me say it before: Divorce is both Procedure & Substance. Procedure = forms, processing with the court, “service of process” (delivery of documents to your spouse). Substance = the issues at the heart (sorry) of your divorce like property division, co-parenting, child support, and alimony. This video tutorial is for you if you want to learn more about California divorce law (i.e. substance). It’s not legal advice and it definitely won’t establish an attorney-client relationship but it might just help you and your spouse with negotiating an agreement. Or, if you are a Cooperative Divorce member, this is a great primer for your first (or second) meeting.  Want to learn more? Check out our Udemy Course:

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