Home Will Never Be the Same Again: The Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

When older people divorce, we often overlook the impact this decision has on the couple’s adult children. The disruption and pain that occurs because of this “gray divorce”—a reference to the hair color older people frequently have—is often minimized or dismissed. Adult children are treated as if they are only marginal players in an extremely significant disruption in their family life, even though they are major stakeholders in their parents’ divorce. The family they have known their entire lives is…

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divorce emotional justice

You Won’t Get “Emotional Justice” in Divorce Court

Divorce by its very nature creates upheaval. It can bring about some of the strongest emotions a person has ever experienced: sadness, grief, anger, frustration, and despair—and sometimes even blame, shame, guilt, humiliation, rejection, hopelessness, or a desire for revenge. Even those divorcing amicably are bound to feel the emotional weight of ending a relationship with a person they once loved deeply (and maybe still do). All of these emotions influence how people handle the “business” part of a divorce.…

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California Divorce

3 Steps to Divorce in California

How to Get Divorced in California in 3 Easy Steps Divorce in California is complicated. There are tons of forms to complete, specific timelines to meet, and court filings to navigate—all while the emotional weight of dismantling a marriage runs in the background. It’s a lot to think about. But don’t worry, at Hello Divorce we’ve broken it down into three easy-to-follow steps. And while the process does involve a good amount of work, we’ve gathered all the information you…

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Costly traditional divorce

This Is Exactly Why Traditional Divorce Costs So Much

(Hint: It’s not because your ex is a jerk.) We don’t get married thinking we’ll get divorced. (At least I hope not.) But it happens. A lot. And that’s OK. Not every relationship lasts 50 years. But who would ever expect that their divorce would cost more than their lavish wedding? More than the caterer, venue, table centerpieces, and dress? But it does, most of the time. Bottom line: Divorce is expensive. A recent article from USA Today reports that the average…

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Hello Divorce Women's Health

Women’s Health: 12 Of The Most Common Reasons For Divorce, According To The Experts

Founder Erin Levine speaks with Women’s Health about the top reasons people seek divorce. “People in long-term marriages are generally not just walking out on their marriages for the heck of it,” Levine says. “These are people who tried to save their marriages for years and years, and it just didn’t work out.” – Erin Levine Read More

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Hello Divorce Co-Parenting coronavirus

BuzzFeed News: How To Plague: How Can I Stop Feeling Angry At Everyone?

In this BuzzFeed article, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine offers advice to co-parents navigating their way through coronavirus. There’s a legal answer and a mama bear answer (“mama” for purposes of this = gender-neutral). The legal answer is that parents that live near each other should probably continue to exchange their kids. At least that’s what most government websites are saying. The mama bear answer is go with your gut. Check yourself — are you trying to keep your ex…

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Hello Divorce Huffpost coparenting

HuffPost: How To Co-Parent During The Coronavirus Pandemic

HuffPost interviews Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine for a piece about co-parenting during coronavirus/COVID-19. “My biggest piece of advice is to be honest, and be especially thoughtful about tone when having difficult discussions with your ex,” Levine said. “We’re all struggling. We’re all trying to do the best we can right now. The more transparent and empathetic you can be right now, the better for everyone.” Read More

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coparenting coronavirus hello divorce

Bay Area Parent: Co-Parenting While Sheltering in Place

In an interview with Bay Area Parent, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine shares tips on coparenting during stay-at-home orders throughout California. When people are fearful, tired or scared, or whatever heightened emotion they are feeling, it can really impact how we communicate. The important thing is to shield our kids from conflict. Kids are resilient when it comes to divorce or separation – except when they are exposed to conflict over an extended period of time. Read More

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You can still get a divorce, even with court closures. Here’s how.

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