co-parenting divorce

Guide to Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

What is co-parenting? How to create a co-parenting plan A child’s basic physical and emotional needs Crafting your plan Resources for successful co-parenting Raising a child is a huge, decades-long project. It’s intense, time-consuming, and expensive. Two people co-parenting separately requires a great deal of collaboration. But how do you collaborate with someone with whom you have a history—a not-so-happy history, in some cases? In this article, we explore what co-parenting is, how to create a co-parenting plan, and resources you can use to succeed at co-parenting even if you don’t love (or, sometimes, like) your parenting partner. What is co-parenting? In a co-parenting situation, two parties who are not romantically involved share in the upbringing of a child. The

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taxes after divorce

Filing Your Taxes After Divorce: Everything You Need to Know

Can I still file jointly after my divorce is finalized? How to file taxes if your divorce was not finalized by December 31 of the tax year How to file taxes if your divorce was finalized by December 31 of the tax year Tips for filing as head of household after divorce? How to fill out W4 after divorce Special considerations for your taxes if you have children Alimony taxes What about retirement accounts, IRAs and QDROs? Are there any tax breaks if I’m divorced? If you’ve filed for or recently finalized your divorce, you may be wondering how to file (and pay if you owe money) your taxes in the future. This question is particularly important for those who

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divorce support

Divorce Support Groups and Coping with Divorce

What is a divorce support group? What happens at a divorce support group meeting? How to find a divorce support group? Benefits and limitations of divorce support groups Other types of support What are the best divorce support groups? Divorce churns up all sorts of emotions and issues. There’s the stress and grief that stem from the death of a relationship and the break of an important contract. You might face legal concerns, money matters, parenting issues, and housing dilemmas as well. Maybe you’ve heard that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce … but that doesn’t make you feel any less alone. But there’s good news. When it all feels like too much, a divorce support group can help.

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qdro and divorce

QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) and Divorce

What is a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)? How QDRO applies to your retirement accounts in a divorce? How do I know if I need a QDRO? When do I need to do a QDRO? How is a QDRO paid out? How do I find a good QDRO attorney near me? Making the decision to seek a divorce is never easy. Figuring out how to split assets can take time and even mediation or assistance from a good lawyer. During the divorce process, you may be tasked with drafting and submitting a QDRO document to make sure that all assets are distributed evenly. This specific court order is sometimes necessary to ensure that assets from a retirement plan are equitably Read More

6 Small Ways to Kick Off Your New Beginning (Even if Your Divorce Feels Stuck)

Has the past year (or 10) been incredibly difficult? If you’re going through a divorce or even just thinking about ending your marriage, you’re understandably overwhelmed. You probably have lots of big changes you want to make or have a super long list of things you need to do. The truth is, it’s unlikely you can make substantial progress in a short period of time. Why pressure yourself to move mountains right away?  Steady progress results from small steps toward

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mend your broken heart

Soft and Fierce: The Surprising Way to Mend a Broken Heart

Heartbroken and desperate to heal and be open to love again? Most of us suffer in silence after love ends, thinking it’s better to cry it out privately and put up walls to protect us from further pain. While it’s natural to want to hide from the world, the truth is that allowing yourself to be vulnerable and riding with the waves of emotion was by far the strongest and quickest path toward healing. When we show our vulnerability, we

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5 ways to have a happy 2022

5 Ways to Make 2022 Your Happiest Year Ever

Where has the year gone?! You’ve been through a lot this year, and that’s not even including the pandemic, politics, and all the craziness happening all over the world. You’re making big changes and starting to get clarity on what you need more and less of in your life. The New Year is a really inspiring, hopeful time of year — a new landscape is ahead of you, fresh and full of potential.  You’ve already taken a giant step toward

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How to Respond to Insensitive Questions & Comments About Your Divorce

Divorce is tough for everyone involved, including the people in your life who care about you or are just plain curious. You’ll inevitably face some — let’s be honest — rude questions and comments during and after your divorce. So, how should you respond while both satisfying them and keeping your grace and sanity intact? First, let’s go through the possibilities. Some of the nosy, insensitive, or otherwise unwelcome questions and comments you’re likely to hear include: “Don’t you love

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amicable divorce and trusting your spouse

How to Have an Amicable Divorce When You Don’t Fully Trust Your Spouse

If you’re like most people, you want an amicable divorce. But a lot of things can happen during the divorce process, and it’s hard to trust that your spouse is being totally transparent and cooperative. Taking reasonable steps to safeguard your interests is key. Don’t go doing anything drastic without consulting a mediator and/or lawyer first! Clients regularly ask me for tips for how to protect themselves in divorce without causing an all-out war.  Truth is, achieving this is a

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askers guessers communication

Askers vs. Guessers: The Life-Changing Power of Understanding Each Negotiation Style

An insurmountable number of factors come into play that result in either effective or frustrating communication. Personality type, current mood and speaking the same language are only the beginning. Perhaps the most important factor is communication style. One of these styles that’s specifically related to negotiation has two main types: askers and guessers. This concept of askers vs. guessers first came up in a MetaFilter discussion. Askers feel comfortable requesting just about anything they want, understanding that the answer may

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