Complete List of CA Divorce Forms – with Links

Petition (FL-100): This is the document that initializes your divorce with the Court. It is the first thing you file and requires a $435 filing fee. Download Petition for Divorce now. Template: Petition for Divorce Summons (FL-110): This is the document that accompanies your Petition. It is a notice to the other party that a case has been opened with the County Superior Court and requires a response within 30 days of service. Download Summons now. Template: Petition for Divorce & Summons UCCJEA (FL-105) : This is the document that, if you have minor children, tells the Court when there children have lived for the past five years and helps the Court to determine whether they have the jurisdiction to…

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Complete List of CO Divorce Forms – with Links

JDF 205 and JDF 206 – Motion to File without Payment and Supporting Financial Affidavit If you cannot afford the filing fees and other associated costs payable to the Court, this form can be filled out and submitted to the Court for review. You must provide detailed financial information, including gross monthly income and monthly expenses, all of which the Court will use to make a judgement on whether to grant you a waiver or not.  JDF 1000 – Case Information This form provides basic information to the Court regarding the names and personal details of both spouses, as well as the details of any children born into or adopted during the course of the marriage. JDF 1101 – Petition…

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Filing Fee Waiver Colorado Divorce Court

How To File a Fee Waiver for Colorado Divorce Court 

When you file your petition or response form, you will need to pay the filing fee with the court. This is normally $230 if you are filing the petition and $116 if you are filing the response. If you are unable to pay the filing fee, you can fill out the waiver forms below. The court may be able to waive your filing fee or offer a payment plan depending on your financial situation.  Filling out the forms does not guarantee the court will waive your filing fee. If the court does waive your filing fee, this does not mean you will not have to pay other fees later in the process.  These can include service fees, certification fees, or…

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CA Local Form For Divorce Petition

CA Counties That Require a Local Form When Filing Your Petition

When filing your petition, some counties require an additional local form be included. If your county is listed below, please click on it to see the form that is required. If it is not listed, your county does not require a local form. Like the rest of the forms being filed, you’ll make two copies of this one for a total of three copies including the original. Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Diego County San Francisco County  

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Co-parenting During COVID-19

How to Co-parent During the Coronavirus Pandemic Without Losing Your Mind

But if you lose it here and there, we aren’t going to judge (we’ve all been there!) 5 months and counting. Ahhh, life during a pandemic. The coronavirus has really shaken up the way we live, work, travel, shop, socialize, and educate. Just when we thought we had started to adjust to this new “normal,” something else comes up — like the decision made by many school districts across the country to not open schools for in-person classes this fall. …

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Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

Home Will Never Be the Same Again: The Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

When older people divorce, we often overlook the impact this decision has on the couple’s adult children. The disruption and pain that occurs because of this “gray divorce”—a reference to the hair color older people frequently have—is often minimized or dismissed. Adult children are treated as if they are only marginal players in an extremely significant disruption in their family life, even though they are major stakeholders in their parents’ divorce. The family they have known their entire lives is…

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divorce emotional justice

You Won’t Get “Emotional Justice” in Divorce Court

Divorce by its very nature creates upheaval. It can bring about some of the strongest emotions a person has ever experienced: sadness, grief, anger, frustration, and despair—and sometimes even blame, shame, guilt, humiliation, rejection, hopelessness, or a desire for revenge. Even those divorcing amicably are bound to feel the emotional weight of ending a relationship with a person they once loved deeply (and maybe still do). All of these emotions influence how people handle the “business” part of a divorce.…

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California Divorce

3 Steps to Divorce in California

How to Get Divorced in California in 3 Easy Steps Divorce in California is complicated. There are tons of forms to complete, specific timelines to meet, and court filings to navigate—all while the emotional weight of dismantling a marriage runs in the background. It’s a lot to think about. But don’t worry, at Hello Divorce we’ve broken it down into three easy-to-follow steps. And while the process does involve a good amount of work, we’ve gathered all the information you…

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Costly traditional divorce

This Is Exactly Why Traditional Divorce Costs So Much

(Hint: It’s not because your ex is a jerk.) We don’t get married thinking we’ll get divorced. (At least I hope not.) But it happens. A lot. And that’s OK. Not every relationship lasts 50 years. But who would ever expect that their divorce would cost more than their lavish wedding? More than the caterer, venue, table centerpieces, and dress? But it does, most of the time. Bottom line: Divorce is expensive. A recent article from USA Today reports that the average…

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You can still get a divorce, even with court closures. Here’s how.

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