Child Support Determined in Utah

How is Child Support Determined in Utah?

Child support can be granted during divorce, temporary separation, or as separate maintenance. Generally speaking, there is a legal duty for parents to support their children under the age of 18 but there are exceptions, such as if the child is emancipated or if they have a disability which means they will remain dependent even after turning 18. The Utah guidelines determine all aspects of child support. The parent who has custody is paid child support by the non-custodial parent and is based on income. The three components of this payment include base child support, medical expenses, and child care expenses. In general, the portion of health insurance policy premiums attributed to the child(ren) is split between the parents in…

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Modify Child Support or Alimony in Utah

How to Modify Child Support or Alimony During COVID-19? (UT)

Losing your job or small business is devastating, especially if you’re also paying child support and/or alimony. While it is stressful, you shouldn’t be down on yourself; so many people are suffering the effects of COVID. That said, there are ways to make support adjustments now (and later) so you can continue to make payments, but at a level that is more appropriate given the state of your current income. In general, keep in mind that any adjustments made to spousal and child support payments will need to go through court to become enforceable. Discussing Support Modifications   Be Upfront and Honest The best course of action is to speak directly with your ex and explain the situation, whether you’re…

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Utah Temporary Separation Orders and Decrees of Separate Maintenance

What are Temporary Separation Orders and Decrees of Separate Maintenance? (UT)

Temporary Separation In cases where you and your spouse want to separate temporarily, intend to divorce if reconciliation doesn’t happen, this option might suit you. Either party can apply to the Court for a temporary separation order, and the Court can then make orders with respect to property, custody, and child/spousal support payments. For this option, you must be married and both parties must have been living in Utah for at least 90 days prior to filing. If minor children are involved, both parties must complete the divorce orientation and divorce education sessions.  A temporary separation order lasts for one year on its own. At any point, either spouse can file for divorce, and the fee paid for the temporary…

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Filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Utah

How to File an Uncontested Divorce & What to Expect (UT)

Filing for divorce can seem scary and difficult, but we’re here to make it easier. Let’s walk through the process of an uncontested divorce in Utah, from start to finish. As well, please note that there are some differences if you and/or your spouse are military service members.  QUICK TIP: Want to skip searching for forms, serving, and filing? Simplify your process with one of divorce options. Residency Requirements Either you or your spouse must have lived in a single Utah county for a period of at least 3 months before filing your divorce petition. This also applies to members of the military and their spouses, wherein the Petitioner (the one initiating the divorce process) must have resided in Utah for…

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Utah Divorce Fee Waiver

How to File a Divorce Fee Waiver (UT)

Filing fees can be costly, but in certain cases you may qualify for a fee waiver based on your financial situation. When you file your petition or response form, you will need to pay the filing fee with the court. This is normally $325 if you are filing the petition, and though filing an answer doesn’t have a cost, there is a $130 fee if you are filing a counterclaim along with your answer. If you are unable to pay the filing fee(s), you can fill out the waiver forms below. If you are a Hello Divorce premium member, click here to start preparing your motion to waive fees. We’ll submit it with your initial paperwork filed with the court!…

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The Essential Guide to Divorce in Colorado (Without Lawyers)

So you are trying to avoid ‘lawyering up’ but you don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.   Divorce in Colorado has 3 main steps (assuming you and your spouse both want to stay out of court). DIY’ing your divorce does take some work but we make it as easy on you as possible. And regardless of which service you choose, we are always here to help you guide you. Ready for Divorce 101? Here we go… We get it, easier said than done. But assuming your divorce is amicable (or heading in that direction), you can do this without full representation by a lawyer. Just remember, this is a process that you can’t avoid –…

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lessons from divorce judge lynn

18 Lessons We Learned from Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn

Recently, Hello Divorce founder and CEO, Erin Levine, sat down with Judge Lynn Toler of Divorce Court fame. Since she stepped down from the Divorce Court bench, Judge Lynn has endeared herself to her over half a million social media followers with her wit, charisma, and practical relationship advice. Judge Lynn and Erin’s conversation ranged from whether or not “having your day in court” is important to get over a cheater (and everywhere in between). Here we breakdown some of…

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divorce stories hello divorce

Our Best Divorce Stories of 2020: You Need to Read to Believe

As the founder of an award-winning online divorce platform that has helped thousands of people navigate the legal system, I have seen my fair share of crazy divorces! From dog ‘support’ to sex tapes, here are five of the wildest divorce stories we’ve seen (names changed for privacy).  *note: All ex-couples approved this post. I Do, I Don’t, I’m Confused Jenna signed up to use Hello Divorce to end her marriage to Mike. All was well until halfway through the…

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military divorce process in Utah

What Military Members Should Know When Divorcing (UT)

Military divorces can be complicated, whether you and/or your spouse are active members or past members. Below, you’ll find information to help you through the specifics of your process. Filing, Serving and Answering the Petition for Divorce To file for divorce in Utah,  you or your spouse must either reside in or be stationed in the state for at least 3 months, you must file a petition for divorce in the county you live in,  and in order for the court to have jurisdiction over a serving member, the active duty spouse has to be personally served with a summons and a copy of the divorce action. If you file for divorce in the state of Utah, Utah retains jurisdiction…

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New Years Intentions

A Single Gals Guide to Setting New Year’s Intentions in 2021

While coronavirus is ranging on with no near end in sight, most of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed (at best) and unhinged. With emotions as heightened as they are, and social distancing back in the picture, it’s no wonder divorce rates are up. Spending loads of time with your spouse is hard on any marriage — but when you’ve already had a conflict and the core issues remain unresolved, divorce can be a positive decision for lots of people.…

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