military divorce process in Utah Colorado

What Military Members Should Know When Divorcing (UT)

Military divorces can be complicated, whether you and/or your spouse are active members or past members. Below, you’ll find information to help you through the specifics of your process. Filing, Serving, and Answering the Petition for Divorce To file for divorce in Utah,  you or your spouse must either reside in or be stationed in the state for at least 3 months, you must file a petition for divorce in the county you live in,  and in order for the court to have jurisdiction over a serving member, the active duty spouse has to be personally served with a summons and a copy of the divorce action. If you file for divorce in the state of Utah, Utah retains jurisdiction

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New Years Intentions

A Single Gals Guide to Setting New Year’s Intentions in 2021

While coronavirus is ranging on with no near end in sight, most of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed (at best) and unhinged. With emotions as heightened as they are, and social distancing back in the picture, it’s no wonder divorce rates are up. Spending loads of time with your spouse is hard on any marriage — but when you’ve already had a conflict and the core issues remain unresolved, divorce can be a positive decision for lots of people.

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Court-Ordered Mediation Hello Divorce

Court-Ordered Mediation: What To Expect (UT)

In Utah, mediation is only made mandatory by the court when a divorce is filed with contested issues, meaning issues you and your spouse are not in agreement upon. In such cases, the Court mandates in at least one mediation session, though you are welcome to participate in more if it’s helpful for you. However, if after your one mediation session you don’t feel it’s helpful, the Court will move along in the divorce process. You are required to select and contact a mediator within 15 days of the respondent spouse filing an answer to the divorce petition. Then, you must begin the process of mediation within 45 days. In cases where mediation is mandatory, you must hire a mediator

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Utah Parenting Classes by County

Utah Divorce Education & Orientation Courses (Mandatory for Parents of Minors)

These classes are mandatory for divorcing parents of children under the age of 18. The Petitioner spouse must attend these courses within 60 days of filing the Petition for Divorce, and the Respondent spouse must attend the courses within 30 days of being served the petition. No temporary orders will be considered by the Court until the requesting party completes this course.  If you are a parent in a temporary separation case, only attendance of the Divorce Orientation course is mandatory within the established timelines. For divorcing parents, both the Divorce Orientation and Divorce Education courses must be completed by both parties before the Court will issue a divorce decree. What Are They? Divorce Orientation course: this course educates parents

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Response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in CO

Should I File a Response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage? (UT)

If you are served with a Petition for Divorce and Summons in Utah, you are considered the Respondent spouse. The Petition is the document your spouse has filed with the Court to initiate divorce proceedings. The Petition lets the Court know the factual information regarding your marriage, as well as your spouse’s requests for “relief,” such as the division of marital property and debts, spousal support, and for Court Orders regarding any children of the marriage. You might not agree with everything in the Petition that has been filed by your spouse, and that’s okay! You have an opportunity to respond, either by way of a stipulation or an answer, for this very reason. Stipulation A stipulation is when you

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Utah Colorado Divorce marital property

What is Marital Property? (UT)

Utah is an “equitable distribution” or “marital property” state as opposed to a “community property” state. This means that the marital property is divided in an “equitable” manner. So if your name appears on a property title, you are considered its owner; however, your spouse will have a legal right to claim an equitable portion of that property when divorcing.  While there are some exceptions for a separate property (below), marital property refers to anything of value acquired during the marriage, including (but not limited to):  Real estate; personal property; vehicles; household items Bank accounts; investments; retirement accounts; debts, loans Factors Considered When Dividing Property? It’s important to note that the marital property approach recognizes that one party may be

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Guide to divorce in California without lawyers

The Essential Guide to Divorce in California (Without Lawyers)

So you are trying to avoid ‘lawyering up’ but you don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.   Divorce in California has 3 main steps (assuming you and your spouse both want to stay out of court). DIY’ing your divorce does take some work but we make it as easy on you as possible. And regardless of which service you choose, we are always here to help you guide you. Ready for Divorce 101? Here we go… We get it, easier said than done. But assuming your divorce is amicable (or heading in that direction), you can do this without full representation by a lawyer. Just remember, this is a process that you can’t avoid –

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Marital Settlement Agreement Checklist

The Ultimate Settlement Agreement Checklist: 30+ Terms You Must Consider for Your Divorce

Maybe you have finished the first couple of divorce steps and you and your spouse are just beginning to discuss how you’ll divide up bank accounts or whether or not you will pay support. Or, maybe you don’t like uncertainty and are negotiating with your spouse NOW (before you file paperwork) so there’s an agreement in place when that initial petition is signed. Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, this download is for YOU. Make sure you

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Divorce agreement checklist

CHECKLIST: What to Include in Your Divorce Agreement

There are the standard forms and process all divorces require, but it’s the Settlement Agreement that is the nitty-gritty elements specific to you and your spouse’s assets and life. We’ve created a checklist for you to conveniently refer to, so you can ensure all items necessary to confirm your agreement are addressed (aka Marital Settlement Agreement or Divorce Judgment). Download Now Have questions? Schedule a FREE 15 minute strategy session with our team of divorce experts. Divorce Process Flowchart How to Talk to Your Ex About Spousal/Child Support

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Beginners guide to divorce mediation

A Beginners Guide to Divorce Mediation: Everything You Need to Know

I want to protect my interests but I don’t want a long, messy and expensive divorce. Does this resonate with you? Probably. Contrary to popular belief, most people do not want to battle it out in divorce court or ‘lawyer up’ and let an attorney or judge call the shots about who gets what or where your kids live.  But what happens when you’ve been married for a solid amount of time and you’ve acquired property along the way? Or one of

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