LegalZoom’s IPO Highlights DIY Offerings’ Appeal

A recent article on detailed the June 30, 2021 public offering of LegalZoom on the NASDAQ Global Market. The first IPO of an online legal marketplace could pave the way for other public offerings even if it may take some time. Hello Divorce founder and CEO Erin Levine is excited about what LegalZoom’s IPO means for the future. “It’s only going to help our business. It adds validity that was never really there before,” Levine said. Read More

Read More divorce trends hello divorce Should You Get Divorced? tackled divorce trends in a recent article published on the site. Notably included were the offerings of Hello Divorce as a way to get through your divorce that is not painful on the wallet. “[Hello Divorce] allows folks to dissolve their union for just $1,500. With the average U.S. divorce costing about $18,000, that could be the difference between death do us part and debt do us part. Some worry it could spell the death of marriage, but if

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ABA Journal: Unbundled Law Firms Find Success Offering Virtual Legal Services

A recent article on discussed the rise of unbundled and virtual legal services. The increase can be attributed to the pandemic, but also to consumers pushing to have more affordable and accessible legal services. The article goes on to discuss how technology is now being used to provide direct-to-consumer legal services on platforms like Hello Divorce. “Not everyone is a good candidate for unbundled services, but almost everyone needs lower-cost legal help,” says Erin Levine, CEO and founder of

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When Religion and Divorce Intersect: One Couple’s Heartbreaking Story

Until recently, divorce has been a subject of non-discussion. Throughout history, divorce was outright banned, only allowed under the rarest of circumstance, or it was allowed but considered highly taboo. While divorce has become a common thread in society, in certain communities divorce is still frowned upon or discouraged. In no place is this more evident than in where divorce and religion intersect. Related: We’ve Researched the History of Divorce and You’ll Never Believe What We Found Many religious leaders

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Law, Tech & A2J: Hello Divorce, Hello New Practice Model

Law, Tech and A2J recently published an article discussing how Hello Divorce is trailblazing the online legal services world. “There are numerous examples of attempts to do this from ‘Co-op Legal Services’ early ventures into fixed price packages in the early 2010s or the current offerings from organisations like Divorce Online. Hello Divorce has, however, a number of distinguishing features which make it a leader in its class.” Read More

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Daily Journal: The legal system is broken; it’s time for change

Daily Journal’s recent article on the state of the legal system shed light on the need for change, and for Californians to have more access to affordable legal services. “For example, we need more TurboTax – like tools for legal services — like Erin Levine’s Hello Divorce platform, where consumers pay a monthly subscription to access guided, do-it-yourself tools with support from legal document preparers or lawyers where needed.” Read More

Read More hello divorce Hello Divorce Helps Couples Untie the Knot Without Taking on Insurmountable Legal Debt recently interviewed Founder and CEO Erin Levine to discuss how Hello Divorce helps couples get divorced without the huge legal debt associated with hiring an attorney in the traditional way: “At Hello Divorce, our process puts you at ease by making the legal stuff convenient and easy to understand. You can easily navigate our guided divorce on your own or with the help of a legal assistant,” says Levine. This translates to huge savings for consumers as the average

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