Forgive your spouse

4 Reasons to Forgive Your Spouse in Divorce

“When you forgive somebody, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to invite them to your table.” —Oprah Winfrey Often in a divorce, we get hurt. Not just everyday small slights. Whether it’s an ex who does something truly awful, or a friend or family member who cuts you off completely after you break from your partner, sometimes we get genuinely, badly wronged. And in response, many of us endlessly nurse grievances, or can’t stop ruminating over the wounds. We’ve been treated poorly, unfairly, or with flat out, unfeeling antagonism and hostility, so of course we want to make things right, settle the score, relitigate the argument, right the wrong. Want to know the best way to do that? Forgive. Yes,…

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Divorced dads

Divorced Dads: Do These 5 Things

For some of us divorced dads, the approach of any holiday, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day, is enough to bring on the cold sweats. Relax. Survival, even redemption, is attainable — and it’s not even that difficult. The secret: practice small acts of kindness. Stay with me here. Even if the thought is, er, less than palatable, don’t let that distract you. Focus on how being kind to others is actually the most selfish thing you can do – because it paves the way, gets rid of impediments, to the best possible enjoyment of your own new, happy post-divorce life. Here are some simple ways to do it: Survival Tip No. 1: Send Flowers to Your Ex If she’s…

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marriages end in divorce

Your Marriage Will Probably End in Divorce, and That’s Totally Fine

Most marriages should end in divorce. We should plan accordingly. It’ll make our lives so much better. Even when standing at the altar, assume marriage isn’t for eternity. Instead, assume someday you might want out. And not just you. That person standing there with you, too. In that world, we’ll have happier marriages. With more honest communication and expectations. And happier divorces, as well. No failure. No gloom. Just a normal, expected outcome. In our modern world, half of marriages…

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You can still get a divorce, even with court closures. Here’s how.

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