Co-Parenting During Coronavirus? It’s the Wild, Wild West Right Now – So, Here’s My Best Advice

As California and more and more states shelter in place, what to do with the kids in a co-parenting relationship is top of mind right now.  If you haven’t listened already, my podcast episode on How to Navigate Divorce & Co-Parenting During the COVID-19 Pandemic will likely be very useful to you. Give it a listen here: Quickly, before I dive in, just a reminder: if you need legal help right now, be sure to book your free 15-minute divorce…

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Adjusting child and spousal support due to coronavirus and COVID-19.

How to Modify Spousal and Child Support if You’re Facing Income Losses Now Due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Losing your job or small business is devastating. Especially if you’re also paying child or spousal support. Just remember that you are not alone; this is happening to people in communities all over the country. But there are ways to make adjustments now (and later) so you can continue to make payments, but at a level that is more appropriate given the state of your current income. In general, keep in mind that any adjustments made to spousal and child…

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Why You Should Stop Delaying Your Divorce and Get on With It Already

If you’ve been separated from your ex, but haven’t yet filed for divorce: this article is for you. You’re living in limbo right now, waiting for what’s next – and it’s not that great, is it?  I know there are a lot of excuses: Divorce will cost so much. Everything is relatively smooth going right now, I don’t want us to start fighting. What will it do to the kids? The divorce process will take forever, won’t it? Will I…

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Will Coronavirus / COVID-19 Affect My Divorce?

Coronavirus / COVID-19 is on all of our minds. We’re following CDC guidance; we’re washing our hands, we’re sanitizing the surfaces we touch, stocking up on disinfectant, and hoarding toilet paper. (Why toilet paper? Why??)  What you might not be thinking about (yet) is how coronavirus could impact your divorce process. Which is why I’m here with this Q&A about how to prepare yourself if and when the time comes that coronavirus does start to impact your divorce:  I’m quarantined…

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10 Times My Divorce Clients Got It So Right

After 15 years in the divorce industry, I’ve heard it all. But these 10 quotes (as overheard from clients) sum up divorce in the best way possible. I’ve been in the divorce industry for a long time. 15 years. First (and currently) as the managing attorney of Levine Family Law Group, and now as the CEO and Founder of legal technology and services company, Hello Divorce. Over the years, I have overheard clients and their spouse’s talk about everything from parenting schedules and…

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Anticipating (or in) a Bitter Divorce? Let’s fix that with a Valentine’s Day Gift You Can Actually Use 

Recently, I felt my heart ache as I listened to a new client describe her ongoing divorce. The kind of bitter, awful, gut-wrenching divorce that I wish never existed. The hardest part for me was knowing that so many of her stresses (and costs) could have been avoided had she started her process with Hello Divorce. Not to say that we’ve got some magic wand that can change what her ex did and continues to do – but at least…

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The Top 10 CA Divorce Questions We Get Asked During Intro Calls (+ answers, of course)

Answers to questions you didn’t even know you had yet: 1. We aren’t going to lawyer up, but do we need a mediator? You only need a mediator if you and your soon-to-be-ex (STBX) can’t come to an agreement on a particular issue (e.g. how much child support or whether or not the house will be sold. If you think you are going to be able to come to agreements on all the ‘stuff’, no need to hire a mediator (at this point). Hello Divorce can prepare your paperwork. 2. What exactly does a divorce mediator do? A lawyer mediator generally is a neutral who helps you and your spouse work our areas of disagreement, prepares and files your paperwork.…

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Does it matter who’s “at fault” in a divorce?

So many clients walk in to my office fuming at their ex – for cheating, lying, stealing or a laundry list of other unsavory activities. They aren’t always interested in a fair divorce settlement; they want their ex to pay for what they’ve had to put up with. They want their ex to be at fault for their actions. I get it. But I also want to be realistic and not drive up (more) conflict when it’s not going to do anything other than increase fees. So we have to be realistic … and strategic.

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Marriage Story Best Picture Nominee

Marriage Story: Best Picture Nominee, But is it an Accurate Portrayal of Divorce?

Legally speaking: just how “real” is Marriage Story, anyway? This week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named Netflix film Marriage Story Best Picture nominee. But, as you’ll gather from the press, the clips and everything surrounding the movie: Marriage Story is actually not about marriage—unless you think divorce an inevitable part of marriage (ahem…it’s not).   Marriage Story is not just anyone’s story. It’s the story of the film’s director, Noah Baumbach. And it’s not just any divorce story—it’s…

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When to communicate with your lawyer.

Dear Divorce Lawyer: The Hard Truth on How and When to Communicate with Your Lawyer

Understanding when to communicate with your lawyer can save your divorce case time and money. You know that advice your best friend gave you about writing a scathing note to your ex when you are fuming about something they said or did? They probably advised you to write down everything you want to tell your ex. Get everything out. Say every mean thing you’ve ever wanted to say. Then, when you’re done — delete it. Or send it to yourself. It’s not worth sending it to your ex when you are upset. Pick your battles. Communicate when you’re calm. Anything you say can be used against you when you are going through a divorce. So, be mindful. Well, it’s sort…

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