divorce during a global pandemic

Yes, You Can Still Get a Divorce, Even During a Global Pandemic

Divorce during a global pandemic sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We genuinely love our partners when we say “I do.” Many of us still love them even when it’s time for divorce. Just … not in the same way. Or maybe we don’t love them anymore. That’s not an indictable offense. These are normal life changes — not crimes or sins — and they’re no reason to turn feelings of guilt and shame into fire aimed at

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custody sharing coronavirus COVID-19

Co-Parenting During Coronavirus? It’s the Wild, Wild West Right Now – So, Here’s My Best Advice

As California and more and more states shelter in place, what to do with the kids in a co-parenting relationship is top of mind right now.  If you haven’t listened already, my podcast episode on How to Navigate Divorce & Co-Parenting During the COVID-19 Pandemic will likely be very useful to you. Give it a listen here: Quickly, before I dive in, just a reminder: if you need legal help right now, be sure to book your free 15-minute divorce

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coronavirus & divorce in Colorado

Will Coronavirus / COVID-19 Affect My Divorce?

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been a big concern for the world since early 2020. While a lot of things have been put on hold, your divorce doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, here are reasons why it shouldn’t be. Lots of questions surround how COVID could affect your divorce process. This Q&A helps you prepare yourself for if and when COVID impacts your divorce. I’m quarantined due to COVID-19, but I’m in the middle of divorce negotiations with

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Anticipating (or in) a Bitter Divorce? Let’s Fix That With a Valentine’s Day Gift You Can Actually Use 

Recently, I felt my heart ache as I listened to a new client describe her ongoing divorce. The kind of bitter, awful, gut-wrenching divorce that I wish never existed. The hardest part for me was knowing that so many of her stresses (and costs) could have been avoided had she started her process with Hello Divorce. Not to say that we’ve got some magic wand that can change what her ex did and continues to do, but at least she

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Hello Divorce podcast

New Year, New Podcast: Tune in to the Hello Divorce Podcast today!

The Hello Divorce Podcast: good advice, on demand. When you’re lacing up your shoes for your next run, walk, or a trip to the mailbox, make sure to grab your earbuds – because I’ve started a brand-new podcast!  Why? Well, I’m already in your inbox with tips and advice weekly (sign up here!), I’m in your social media feed on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, and you can take advantage of a free 15-minute call with me or a member

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Hello Divorce Highlights

Goodbye, 2019: A few Hello Divorce Highlights (…But the Best is Yet to Come)

I know we’re all saying it right now, but man – that went by quick. As I wrapped up my final tasks today, I took a few minutes to reflect on what an incredible, fortunate year we’ve had. 2019 brought us so many opportunities, and so many chances to help new clients navigate their way to their next chapter. I’m so proud of the work my team and I have accomplished this year, and of the number of people we’ve

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2019 Divorce Holiday Survival Guide

Your Divorce Holiday Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Rise Above the Stress Mess 

We are supposed to enjoy the holidays. And usually, we do. Or, at least some of the time. But when you are divorcing in December, sometimes the holidays feel completely overwhelming. For weeks you are distracted with holiday planning, shopping, school events and work deadlines. Then all of a sudden, EVERYTHING hits you like a ton of bricks. We get it – Which is exactly why we turned to our friends who have survived divorce-related-holiday-overwhelm to bring you our Divorce

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Cheapest Divorce Hello Divorce

Getting the Cheapest Divorce Possible: My Best Advice

“How can I get the cheapest divorce possible?”  I get a lot of questions about how to get the cheapest divorce possible, and for good reason: The average cost of divorce in California is $27,000 per person. That’s insane! At Hello Divorce, we’re proud that we’ve managed to lower the average cost of divorce for our users to just $1,500. We’ve done that by speeding up the paperwork process through our Divorce Navigator app, which helps you complete all of

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California Divorce: Meditations to Help You Stay Positive

Whether you’re outside or inside California, divorce meditations like these can help you stay focused on what matters. I’ve been a practicing divorce lawyer for 16 years. I’ve helped couples dissolve marriages that neither party wanted to continue. I’ve helped individuals going through divorce who were blindsided and never saw it coming, and I’ve helped people find the right words to tell their partner they want to separate. I’ve seen and learned a lot, and I have channeled all of

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divorce settlement temporary or permanent support

To Finalize Your California Divorce, You’ll Need to Make Decisions on Property, Custody, and Support

In order to finalize your divorce, you’re going to need to come to agreement with your ex on a few key things. Decisions will need to be made about dividing property and debt, child custody, and child/spousal support—and you’ll both be better off if you can make these decisions yourselves, without the court intervening. It might feel right now like you and your soon-to-be ex can’t agree on anything. But if you want that final decree of divorce, you’ll need

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