California Divorce Navigator: You did it!

The next step? It’s really up to you. Here are some tips that might help you.

Heads up: You may have to revise your final judgment

If you and your spouse don’t agree on the final judgment forms, or the judge doesn’t feel like the final forms are completed correctly, you may have to go back and revise it. We have legal coaching available for a flat fee if you need help.

Mediation is a great option if you can't come to an agreement

If there are post-divorce issues that you and your spouse need help coming to an agreement on, like child visitation, asset division or modifying any terms, it could be a good idea to work with a mediator. We have flat-fee mediation available for those who need it.

Next steps and new beginnings

Congratulations on having gotten through your divorce forms. If you or your spouse have retirement accounts (QDROs), need to refinance a home, or get new life insurance, it may not have happened during your divorce timeline. That’s OK! Go here to review any items that may still need to be addressed AND to start (positively) thinking about your next chapter.

Finally, we'd love to know if we can do better

We know that divorce sucks, and our whole mission is to make the process easier to understand, less stressful, and less messy for everyone involved. Did we help you with that? We’d love to know where we rocked it, and what we could have done to make it easier. If you have a few minutes, we’d love it if you could tell us how we did. No pressure!

You’re not starting over – you’re starting from experience.


Step 1: Petition & Response

Step 1: Complete


Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Step 2: Complete


Step 3: Final Judgment

Step 3: Complete


Step 4: Divorce Wrap Up

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