decode your ex

Deciphering the True Meaning Behind Your Ex’s Words

You know your spouse better than anyone—especially if you’re going through a divorce. And while a divorce really brings out one’s true colors, it can also make one’s bark far louder and more threatening than their bite. What your ex says does not necessarily translate into what they truly mean.  To help you decipher common threats or reactions, we’ve listed them out along with the more likely reason your ex might say this—and how to respond. While these suggestions won’t

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Parenting during Covid

Covid-19 and Co-parenting: 10 Terms to Add to Your Divorce Agreement

In March 2020, divorced parents across the country found themselves navigating co-parenting amidst a pandemic. As a result, parenting challenges previously unseen in the modern era forced thousands of co-parents to court on an emergency basis. New questions emerged. What happens when parents have different views on the precautions associated with coronavirus? Should a parenting time schedule be adjusted if one parent works on the frontline? Should an immunocompromised parent forfeit their parenting time? These are just a few questions

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How to Co-Parent During the Coronavirus Pandemic Without Losing Your Mind

But if you lose it here and there, we aren’t going to judge. (We’ve all been there!) Ahhh, life during a pandemic. COVID-19 has really shaken up the way we live, work, travel, shop, socialize, and educate. Just when we think we’ve adjusted to this new “normal,” something else comes up. In the fall of 2020, most school districts across the country shifted from in-person classes to virtual learning. While some returned to the classroom in 2021, variants of the

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parents who divorced well

What It’s Like Being the Kid of Parents Who Divorced Well

It’s not surprising that divorce can take a psychological toll on children. It’s a big, scary unknown for everyone involved, and many kids struggle with feelings of anxiety, distress, anger, fear, and disbelief, especially in the beginning. It can be tough for kids to process these emotions and adjust to changes in their daily routines and living arrangements. Divorce basically rocks the world they’ve counted on every day. But kids are also super resilient and have a great capacity to

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Co-parenting through divorce

How to Co-Parent on the Same Team

I think it’s safe to say that no one arrives in a blended family as their first choice. A marriage didn’t go according to plan, and the redirect happened. For me, my first marriage ended quite abruptly (from my side, at least). And while the decision to divorce was layered with pain and grief, I know now it was the right choice for us. Yes, it was far from what I wanted in the beginning. But years later, I see

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Hello Divorce Happy Divorce

Trading in the Pit Bull Attorney for a Happy Divorce

When my ex-wife, Nikki, and I began the divorce process, I really didn’t know what to do or where to start. All I knew was that I was angry, resentful, and full of fear and that I had lived through the awful divorce of my parents. So, if you add up the negative feelings I was processing and my past experience of divorce, the only solution I came up with was to make Nikki the villain and try to destroy

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take custody Hello Divorce

They Tried to Take Custody of My Son Because I Came Out as Gay. Here’s How I Won.

We all get married for different reasons. For me, it was a rite of passage. I grew up knowing that one day I’d marry a man, live in a house with a white picket fence, a dog, a cat, and 2.5 children. I worked hard to fit into that mold. And, I did. I married a man, we had a son together, and we stayed married for 13 years.  I put on a good show and a happy face, and

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Marriage Story Best Picture Nominee

Marriage Story: Is This Best Picture Nominee an Accurate Portrayal of Divorce?

Legally speaking, just how “real” is Marriage Story, anyway? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named the Netflix film Marriage Story a Best Picture nominee. But Marriage Story is actually not about marriage—unless you think of divorce as an inevitable part of marriage. (Ahem … it’s not.) Marriage Story is not just anyone’s story. It’s the story of the film’s director, Noah Baumbach. And it’s not just any divorce story—it’s the story of a divorce driven by a

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thanksgiving single mom

Guest Blog by Wendy Sterling: An Unapologetically Single-Mom Thanksgiving Tradition

Can a single-mom Thanksgiving be an opportunity to reshape the holiday? Wendy Sterling says, “Yes!” For many of us, Thanksgiving brings up feelings of sadness, loneliness, and dread—especially those of us going through or recovering from a divorce. It’s our first single-mom Thanksgiving. Instead of looking forward to leaves falling from trees, baking, and the smell of pumpkin spice, we dread the fact that this year, the kids will spend Thanksgiving with their dad. Well, that’s me this year. I’m

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divorce settlement temporary or permanent support

To Finalize Your California Divorce, You’ll Need to Make Decisions on Property, Custody, and Support

In order to finalize your divorce, you’re going to need to come to agreement with your ex on a few key things. Decisions will need to be made about dividing property and debt, child custody, and child/spousal support—and you’ll both be better off if you can make these decisions yourselves, without the court intervening. It might feel right now like you and your soon-to-be ex can’t agree on anything. But if you want that final decree of divorce, you’ll need

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