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Who Can Help With My Divorce?

Divorce is a life-changing process that requires significant time, thought, and planning. DIY divorce helps you divorce your way, but you should not try to go through it entirely on your own. Spending a little time and money on help when you really need it is worthwhile. Fortunately, there is a lot of help available—and much of it is affordable. Here, we list out all the main “helpers” involved in a divorce. From making smart decisions to dealing with ongoing

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Webinar Replay: No Such Thing As a “Perfect Divorce Lawyer”

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! You’ve likely received the message: “Divorce is complicated, you need a lawyer”… but ask around and those who have been there say something like, “My lawyer sucked.” Why? Divorce lawyers tend to be… Expensive Slow Stuck in the system Focused on “winning” instead of “resolving” Like any profession, there are good and bad lawyers. There are also well-intentioned lawyers that still won’t meet your needs. Lawyers know you are cost-conscious and so

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Webinar Replay: Succeed at Divorce without Lawyers

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! “Can I get divorced without a lawyer?” We hear this question a lot, especially from those who get along pretty well with their ex (all things considered). Lawyers can be so expensive—so do you really need one? The answer to this question, as with most questions in the law is – it depends. If you and your spouse are comfortable completing our questionnaires using our technology to populate your forms, have a

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5 Ways Smart People Succeed During Divorce

You just found out you’re getting divorced. Your mind is running 1,000 miles an hour. Will the kids be OK? Will I have enough money? Where am I going to live? I understand. I’ve been there, too. As a divorce lawyer and divorced father of two, I know this time is full of uncertainty. That’s why I wrote my bestselling book, I Just Want This Done: How Smart, Successful People Get Divorced Without Losing Their Kids, Money, and Minds.  Like

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solutions to common divorce problems

12 Little-Known Solutions to the Most Common Divorce “Problems”

After 16 years of helping people with divorce, I have a good sense of what is wrong with the divorce industry. At the top of the list is a lack of transparency for how it all works. This is partially brought on by the culture of lawyers hiding behind a fortress of information. Some attorneys fear you won’t need them if they give you answers. Even well-intentioned subject matter experts (i.e., divorce lawyers) often fail to provide a solution that

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Should you hire a divorce lawyer? Hello Divorce

Skip the Divorce Lawyer? Not if You Have One of These 8 Issues

If you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, chances are there are countless questions running through your mind: Who will keep the house? How will custody work? How will you split up your assets? And, perhaps one of the biggest questions of all, should you hire a divorce lawyer? The choice to “lawyer up” during divorce can be a very complex decision. Here we will break down some of the best – and worst – reasons to consider hiring

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truths about divorce

Fact or Fiction? 10 Truths You Need to Know if You’re Filing for Divorce

If I could go back and do it again, I’d still have been a divorce lawyer. I just would have shifted the way I practice a lot earlier, spending less time in the courtroom and more time at the negotiating table. But, live and learn. And without all of that experience, I would not have been able to call myself a Certified Family Law Specialist. Below are a few #divorcetruths I’ve learned after 16 years as a divorce lawyer, owner

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Hello Divorce Happy Divorce

Trading in the Pit Bull Attorney for a Happy Divorce

When my ex-wife, Nikki, and I began the divorce process, I really didn’t know what to do or where to start. All I knew was that I was angry, resentful, and full of fear and that I had lived through the awful divorce of my parents. So, if you add up the negative feelings I was processing and my past experience of divorce, the only solution I came up with was to make Nikki the villain and try to destroy

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Why You Should Stop Delaying Your Divorce and Get On With It Already?

If you have been delaying your divorce or are separated from your spouse but haven’t yet filed for divorce, this article is for you. You’re living in limbo right now, waiting for what’s next. It’s not that great, is it?  There are a lot of excuses: Divorce will cost so much. Everything is relatively smooth right now, and I don’t want us to start fighting. What will it do to the kids? The divorce process will take forever! Will I

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Divorce a narcissist

How to Divorce a Narcissist — and Win

Are you divorcing a narcissist and afraid you’re not going to win? If so, you already know that dirty tricks, scamming, lying, pressuring, and even stalking and manipulating are not beneath them. But, there are ways to actually beat them at their own game. Before we dive into what to do about that narcissist in a divorce, let’s explore some of the tricks and manipulations they try to pull. Tricks they play Narcissists all tend to use the same sorts

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