The Best Divorce Advice Ever Given or Received (From People Who’ve Been There)

Whether you’re at the beginning of the divorce process or in the thick of it, I can’t stress enough how helpful it can be to share your experience with others who are in or have gone through a divorce. Connecting with someone who’s been in your shoes can help put things in perspective, or at least make you feel a little less alone. If you don’t already have a friend who has gone through divorce, you can seek out a

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Millennials reshaping divorce

New Rules for Splitting Up

I was in court today. Something I try wholeheartedly not to do whenever possible. Not because I’m not a skilled litigator (I am), but because it is such an awful experience for most people — even when they “win.” Having been on the other side of the table a few times as a plaintiff in a civil case and witness in a criminal case, I have the unique perspective of understanding how it feels to be in court with a

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Wedding ring & divorce

But What to Do With the Ring? (Hint: let it help open the door to your next chapter.)

In her book, “How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man,” the late Zsa Zsa Gabor wrote, “Diamonds are a better investment for a married woman than anything else because if it should ever happen that some day you wind up getting a divorce and all the property is being divided up, your husband will probably say, if he is a gentleman, ‘We will share all of the other property, but

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Online divorce services

What Makes Hello Divorce Different From Online Document Preparers and Form Generating Software?

SPOILER: We are lawyers. They are not. Who needs a $400 per hour divorce lawyer on retainer who will bill you for every 3 1/2 minutes? Not everyone has the money, wants to hand over their checkbook or needs the assistance of traditional, one size-fits-all full legal representation. That’s why other options have popped up across the internet. Enter Hello Divorce. We founded Hello Divorce because we love people, like problem solving and wanted to offer a cost-effective, high quality

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