ground rules

Setting Divorce Ground Rules to Stay Focused and Productive

The secret to beginning your divorce on the right foot? You need to set clear, reasonable ground rules. These rules will (if followed) help maintain amicable relationships, direct communication, set expectations, and create a “playbook” of sorts to follow throughout your divorce. If you and your spouse aren’t seeing eye to eye, you’ll need to do your best with creating your ground rules, sharing them with your spouse, and sticking to them. You cannot control everything your spouse does, and

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help with divorce

Who Can Help With My Divorce?

Divorce is a life-changing process that requires significant time, thought, and planning. DIY divorce helps you divorce your way, but you should not try to go through it entirely on your own. Spending a little time and money on help when you really need it is worthwhile. Fortunately, there is a lot of help available—and much of it is affordable. Here, we list out all the main “helpers” involved in a divorce. From making smart decisions to dealing with ongoing

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12 Helpful Resources for Divorced Moms

We see you, moms. You’re doing it all: caring for the kids, balancing schedules, keeping up your home, paying the bills, and (hopefully) making time to rest and recharge so you can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. This Mother’s Day, we present you with a list of hand-picked resources for single and divorcing or divorced mothers. We hope one or more of these resources will help you smile, relax, and stop stressing so much. Just remember:

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decode your ex

Deciphering the True Meaning Behind Your Ex’s Words

You know your spouse better than anyone—especially if you’re going through a divorce. And while a divorce really brings out one’s true colors, it can also make one’s bark far louder and more threatening than their bite. What your ex says does not necessarily translate into what they truly mean.  To help you decipher common threats or reactions, we’ve listed them out along with the more likely reason your ex might say this—and how to respond. While these suggestions won’t

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Best Books to Help You Throughout Your Divorce

Divorce is all about difficult decisions, transitions, and negotiations. You could use all the help you can get, right? While browsing the web and getting advice from friends, your therapist or other trusted people are super helpful, sometimes it’s easier to just sit down and read one complete book on the topic you’re dealing with. All you need to do to find books on moving on after divorce is a simple Google search… but then you’re going to be faced

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6 Ways to Get Closure After a Relationship Ends

You’ve undoubtedly heard others speak about the need for “closure” after a relationship ends. You’ve probably needed it yourself, whether that was after you left a job or you grew apart from your first love. Now, it’s if you’re ending your marriage.  But accepting that your marriage is over and truly moving on without letting it hold you back isn’t easy. And it is crucial in order to make sense of what happened, learn what you need and can’t tolerate

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divorce myths

Common Myths About Divorce Debunked

Part of making smarter decisions when it comes to your divorce is knowing what’s fact and what’s not. And unfortunately, these days it sometimes feels like we are living in the age of (mis)information. We hear divorce myths all the time in mediation sessions and client phone calls and what really frustrates us is that we often see them falsely reported in the media. Some are wacky rumors and other “facts” are widely-held assumptions. And what makes matters worse is

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divorce hacks

12 Divorce Hacks: Our Best Tips for Surviving and Thriving Through Divorce

Watch our free Divorce Hacks webinar for more in-depth information here. It’s not hard to point out all the flaws in the legal system when it comes to divorce. What is hard is knowing how to not only survive—but thrive—in the divorce process. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of transparency for how it all works. Traditional divorce operates with lawyers hiding behind a fortress of information, obscure legal terms and vague timelines. When you don’t

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attachment style

Avoidant, Anxious, Disorganized or Secure? How Attachment Style Affects Relationships

Is your ex emotionally closed off, or too darn clingy? Or did they not seem to understand your love language and what you needed from them? Attachment styles might be to blame.  The American Psychological Society defines attachment style as ”the characteristic way people relate to others in the context of intimate relationships, which is heavily influenced by self-worth and interpersonal trust.” According to theories on attachment, adults form their innate attachment style in childhood, depending on how they bond

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Webinar Replay: How Emotional Support Groups Can Help You with Divorce

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! Divorce is so much more than the legal process. Your life is in a constant state of transition and emotions are often all over the place. Let’s face it, the unknown can sometimes feel lonely, heartbreaking, overwhelming, and uncomfortable. But divorce is also an opportunity to reclaim your independence and hope — to really come alive and turn this obstacle into an opportunity for growth that brings us into deeper alignment with

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