LAWsome Podcast: Legal Marketing in Splitsville

CEO Erin Levine appears on the LAWsome podcast to discuss the evolution of Hello Divorce and what it takes to create a platform that is useful and personal at the same time. “She didn’t just create an app… We find out [in the show] that she gets into these places where people are fearful, then they’re angry, then there’s contention. No amount of technology could help soothe that beast. But what could would be somebody who understood how to apply…

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Choosing the Right Legal Help for Your Divorce

While Hello Divorce is less than a couple years old, I have been a practicing family law attorney for over a decade at Levine Family Law Group. A couple weeks ago a client came in for a second opinion. He had hired a lawyer 6 weeks prior and wasn’t even sure if his legal team had filed a petition to divorce, and couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone in his attorney’s office about the status of his case. Honestly,…

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Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle

“The best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it.” It was the perfect quote to start the podcast. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Audrey Zada on Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle. It’s an awesome new podcast from Worthy, a resource for selling your wedding ring when you’re ready to let go – and so much more. I’m a frequent contributor to their blog because I love, love that they’re more than a…

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New Rules for Splitting Up

I was in court today. Something I try wholeheartedly not to do whenever possible. Not because I’m not a skilled litigator (I am), but because it is such an awful experience for most people — even when they “win.” Having been on the other side of the table a few times as a plaintiff in a civil case and witness in a criminal case, I have the unique perspective of understanding how it feels to be in court with a…

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But What to Do With the Ring? (Hint: let it help open the door to your next chapter.)

In her book, “How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man,” the late Zsa Zsa Gabor wrote, “Diamonds are a better investment for a married woman than anything else because if it should ever happen that some day you wind up getting a divorce and all the property is being divided up, your husband will probably say, if he is a gentleman, ‘We will share all of the other property, but…

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Dr. Walsh

Guest Blog: Dr. Wendy Walsh on Breaking Up

By Dr. Wendy Walsh There are so many ways to break up. Electronically, we unfollow, we de-friend. Breaking up can get complicated, and it can be difficult to remind yourself of just how lovable you are. Break-ups are a time to surround yourself with people who care, people who can remind you how to treat your body and mind. Break-ups are a time for us to be introspective and work on some of our issues, and get ready for…

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Webinar Replay: 10 Common Divorce Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

At Hello Divorce, one of the most common questions we’re asked is “What are the most common mistakes you see people make with their divorce, and how can I avoid making them?” So, we turned the answers into a webinar so everyone could access the answers. If you missed CEO Erin Levine’s live webinars, it’s not too late to watch! You can still learn the 10 most common divorce mistakes and our advice for avoiding them, in the recording below.…

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Q&A: Sue Talia, National Limited Scope Representation Advocate

Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine recently had the privilege of speaking with M. Sue Talia, an early advocate for unbundled legal services. Her pioneering efforts helped make flat fee legal services a reality, in spite of significant pushback from big city Bar Associations. Activists like Ms. Talia made our work at Hello Divorce possible, giving you access to our library of DIY resources, which can be paired with flat rate legal assistance when you need it – allowing you to…

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The Risky Business of Living Outside the (Marriage) Box

By Stan Sarkisov and Erin Levine Originally published in the September 2017 issue of San Francisco Attorney, by the Bar Association of San Francisco It’s not just your parents—California wants to see you settled down and married. The state’s laws incentivize marriage and offer hundreds of statutes that confer protection on married persons ranging from spousal support after separation, community property rights (and other laws that presume property acquired during marriage is a joint asset)  to tax perks such as the…

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