6 Small Ways to Kick Off Your New Beginning (Even if Your Divorce Feels Stuck)

Has the past year (or 10) been incredibly difficult? If you’re going through a divorce or even just thinking about ending your marriage, you’re understandably overwhelmed. You probably have lots of big changes you want to make or have a super long list of things you need to do. The truth is, it’s unlikely you can make substantial progress in a short period of time. Why pressure yourself to move mountains right away?  Steady progress results from small steps toward

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mend your broken heart

Soft and Fierce: The Surprising Way to Mend a Broken Heart

Heartbroken and desperate to heal and be open to love again? Most of us suffer in silence after love ends, thinking it’s better to cry it out privately and put up walls to protect us from further pain. While it’s natural to want to hide from the world, the truth is that allowing yourself to be vulnerable and riding with the waves of emotion was by far the strongest and quickest path toward healing. When we show our vulnerability, we

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5 ways to have a happy 2022

5 Ways to Make 2022 Your Happiest Year Ever

Where has the year gone?! You’ve been through a lot this year, and that’s not even including the pandemic, politics, and all the craziness happening all over the world. You’re making big changes and starting to get clarity on what you need more and less of in your life. The New Year is a really inspiring, hopeful time of year — a new landscape is ahead of you, fresh and full of potential.  You’ve already taken a giant step toward

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Happier Holi(Days) Are Coming: A Spotify Playlist For the Happily Divorced and Newly Separated

Tired of all the sappy holiday music about kissing your special someone under the mistletoe? Us too. Even if you are in love (again) and immersed in the romance of the season, there’s no use crying over a song about lost love and missing you-know-who. You need a playlist of inspiring, kick-ass songs for solo time this time of year. We created a playlist of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and other festive tunes that don’t have triggers to make you feel

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Lessons after divorce

7 Life Changing Lessons We Learn Only After Divorce

No one gets married thinking they will get divorced. At least I hope not. But it happens, and that’s ok. And it’s never fun. In fact, even if you’ve come to grips that divorce is the best option for you and/or your spouse, it’s still heart-breaking. But here’s the thing, most people come out of it so much happier. Sounds hard to believe right? But after 15 years of working with divorcing couples, I know this to be true. Divorce

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divorce stories hello divorce

Our Best Divorce Stories of 2020: You Need to Read to Believe

As the founder of an award-winning online divorce platform that has helped thousands of people navigate the legal system, I have seen my fair share of crazy divorces! From dog “support” to sex tapes, here are five of the wildest divorce stories we’ve seen (names changed for privacy).  *Note: All ex-couples approved this post. I do, I don’t, I’m confused Jenna signed up to use Hello Divorce to end her marriage to Mike. All was well until halfway through the

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New Years Intentions

A Single Gals Guide to Setting New Year’s Intentions in 2021

While coronavirus is ranging on with no near end in sight, most of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed (at best) and unhinged. With emotions as heightened as they are, and social distancing back in the picture, it’s no wonder divorce rates are up. Spending loads of time with your spouse is hard on any marriage — but when you’ve already had a conflict and the core issues remain unresolved, divorce can be a positive decision for lots of people.

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self-care gifts

12 Self-Care Gifts So Good, You’ll Want to Keep Them for Yourself This Holiday Season

This is supposed to be a season of happiness and joy. More often than not, however, and particularly this year, the stress and overwhelm that come along with the holidays are amplified.  With the focus on others during the holidays, it’s easy to forget to care for yourself, some might even feel guilty at the thought of prioritizing themselves –  DO NOT do yourself wrong.  Self-care is essential for your growth, it strengthens your foundation, improving your ability to be

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Divorcing a high conflict spouse

Q&A: Michelle Dempsey on Divorcing a High Conflict Spouse

When I connected with Michelle Dempsey-Multack on Instagram, I knew right away we had to spotlight her in a Hello Divorce Q&A session. A divorcée who has navigated the challenges of post-breakup life and the heartache of shared parenting, she walks the talk. But more than that, Michelle is authentic, kind, powerful, engaging, and insightful. While her expertise as a certified divorce specialist, coach, and author is generally shared with women, her wisdom is universal, and I’m certain our entire

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Hello Divorce’s Top 10 Posts of All Time

When I founded Hello Divorce, my core values included launching a service that provided an affordable, low conflict, and ‘convenient’ option for separating couples. In order to do that, we had a real uphill battle. I’m not talking about the design, marketing, and/or coding — those things I knew we could tackle by leveraging my knowledge of the legal system with the brilliant development team and outside the box thinkers I had in my tribe. What was really crucial though

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