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Who Can Help With My Divorce?

Divorce is a life-changing process that requires significant time, thought, and planning. DIY divorce helps you divorce your way, but you should not try to go through it entirely on your own. Spending a little time and money on help when you really need it is worthwhile. Fortunately, there is a lot of help available—and much of it is affordable. Here, we list out all the main “helpers” involved in a divorce. From making smart decisions to dealing with ongoing

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5 Ways Smart People Succeed During Divorce

You just found out you’re getting divorced. Your mind is running 1,000 miles an hour. Will the kids be OK? Will I have enough money? Where am I going to live? I understand. I’ve been there, too. As a divorce lawyer and divorced father of two, I know this time is full of uncertainty. That’s why I wrote my bestselling book, I Just Want This Done: How Smart, Successful People Get Divorced Without Losing Their Kids, Money, and Minds.  Like

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solutions to common divorce problems

12 Little-Known Solutions to the Most Common Divorce “Problems”

After 16 years of helping people with divorce, I have a good sense of what is wrong with the divorce industry. At the top of the list is a lack of transparency for how it all works. This is partially brought on by the culture of lawyers hiding behind a fortress of information. Some attorneys fear you won’t need them if they give you answers. Even well-intentioned subject matter experts (i.e., divorce lawyers) often fail to provide a solution that

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Should you hire a divorce lawyer? Hello Divorce

Skip the Divorce Lawyer? Not if You Have One of These 8 Issues

If you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, chances are there are countless questions running through your mind: Who will keep the house? How will custody work? How will you split up your assets? And, perhaps one of the biggest questions of all, should you hire a divorce lawyer? The choice to “lawyer up” during divorce can be a very complex decision. Here we will break down some of the best – and worst – reasons to consider hiring

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Options to file for divorce in California & Colorado

Want to Stay out of Divorce Court? Read This First.

This article is not, “How to Avoid Getting a Divorce.” I’m not a relationship expert, and I’d never be so bold as to say I know how to save a marriage. Rather, this post is for you if divorce is in the cards and you want to do everything possible to keep the cost and conflict in check. In other words, you don’t want to pay (on average) $27,000 to hire a divorce lawyer. You don’t want to air all

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move your divorce forward

11 Ways to Move Your Divorce Forward Now, Even During the Coronavirus Crisis

The one thing we all have right now is time. I’m not necessarily saying it’s quality time because honestly, I can’t think of a time in modern history where there have been so many distractions in our own homes. From the daily news to sanitizing surfaces to Googling how to sew face masks, it’s exhausting. But you still might find yourself with a little time in the bank from not commuting, not traveling for work, and not attending after-work functions. 

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Why You Should Stop Delaying Your Divorce and Get On With It Already?

If you have been delaying your divorce or are separated from your spouse but haven’t yet filed for divorce, this article is for you. You’re living in limbo right now, waiting for what’s next. It’s not that great, is it?  There are a lot of excuses: Divorce will cost so much. Everything is relatively smooth right now, and I don’t want us to start fighting. What will it do to the kids? The divorce process will take forever! Will I

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Cheating during divorce

Episode 03: What Do You Do If You Find Out Your Partner Was Cheating on You in the Middle of the Divorce Process?

Cheating During Divorce: What Next? In this episode, CEO Erin Levine discusses: Whether having a cheating spouse helps your divorce outcome The financial impact of having an affair in a no-fault divorce state like California Truthfulness, credibility, and your divorce judge How a smart legal strategy could get you better results divorcing a cheating ex Actionable steps you can take right now Read Erin’s article, Marriage + Infidelity = Divorce? Not so fast. Think about your legal strategy. See Erin’s

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unstuck cause of your divorce

Five Ways to Get Your Divorce “Unstuck”

OK, so you feel totally stuck. All you want is closure, yet your divorce is lingering on and on. You’ve tried everything. You’ve tried nothing. You don’t have any clue what to do next. You have a list so long, you don’t know where to start. Relate to any of this? First things first: Are you really stuck? It seems that everywhere we look, divorce is seen as an “event.” The truth is, it’s a process. It takes time, emotionally

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Strategy for divorce

This is Why You Need a Strategy for Your Divorce

By developing a strategy at the start of your divorce, you will feel a whole heck of a lot more comfortable living in transition and facing the unknown. You will also have an easier time turning this chapter of your life into a new one with a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself. At Hello Divorce, we understand that a lot is at stake right now. We also understand that you are likely struggling with hundreds of emotions that pull

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