divorce myths

Common Myths About Divorce Debunked

Part of making smarter decisions when it comes to your divorce is knowing what’s fact and what’s not. And unfortunately, these days it sometimes feels like we are living in the age of (mis)information. We hear divorce myths all the time in mediation sessions and client phone calls and what really frustrates us is that we often see them falsely reported in the media. Some are wacky rumors and other “facts” are widely-held assumptions. And what makes matters worse is

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DIY your divorce

There’s a Right Way to DIY Your Divorce and Here’s How

Before I founded Hello Divorce, I was terrified of “DIY” law. I didn’t actually believe that it was a good option for most people. I was scared they’d get stuck in the process or unknowingly make impactful mistakes. But the more stats I researched, the more I learned just how many people do it on their own and don’t go to trial. Did you know in over 75% of divorces, at least one spouse is self-represented? It’s true! So I

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lessons from divorce judge lynn

18 Lessons We Learned from Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn

Recently, Hello Divorce founder and CEO Erin Levine sat down with Judge Lynn Toler of Divorce Court fame. Since she stepped down from the Divorce Court bench, Judge Lynn has endeared herself to her half-million+ social media followers with her wit, charisma, and practical relationship advice. Judge Lynn and Erin’s conversation ranged from whether “having your day in court” is important to how to get over a cheater—and many topics in between. Here, we break down some of Judge Lynn’s

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coronavirus making divorce easier

How Coronavirus is Making Divorce Way Easier

Everywhere you turn, headlines read “Divorce Rate Skyrockets Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.” Same story, same anecdotal evidence from divorce lawyers. The truth is the more people spend time together in quarantine, the more their preexisting relationship issues are amplified. If they were struggling before COVID-19, their problems didn’t magically disappear during quarantine — instead, they led to a breaking point.  Makes sense. Approximately 70% of divorces are filed by women and only after their marriage was on the rocks for years.

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Costly traditional divorce

This Is Exactly Why Traditional Divorce Costs So Much

(Hint: It’s not because your spouse is a jerk.) We don’t get married thinking we’ll get divorced. But it happens — a lot — and that’s OK. Not every relationship lasts 50 years. But who would ever expect their divorce to cost more than their lavish wedding? More than the caterer, venue, table centerpieces, and dress? Unfortunately, it often does cost that much. Bottom line: Divorce is expensive. A recent article from USA Today reported that the average cost of divorce

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Strategy for divorce

This is Why You Need a Strategy for Your Divorce

By developing a strategy at the start of your divorce, you will feel a whole heck of a lot more comfortable living in transition and facing the unknown. You will also have an easier time turning this chapter of your life into a new one with a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself. At Hello Divorce, we understand that a lot is at stake right now. We also understand that you are likely struggling with hundreds of emotions that pull

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