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11 Strong Woman Quotes (For When You’re Feeling Anything But Fierce)

In honor of Woman’s History Month, Erin takes a break from the usual (legal) articles to touch upon a very important subject: inspiring your best self. “What if we allowed ourselves the gift of surrender? Not knowing where we go next and being OK with that. We don’t have to have all the answers — we just need to be open to fresh possibilities and a new chapter in our journey.”

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A Lawyer To The Stars Brings Divorce Down To Earth With A Legal Tech Startup

Hello Divorce is highlighted as a divorce resource in California that provides clients with the opportunity to work directly with a lawyer – in addition to providing access to high-quality articles, resources and video tutorials. “Moreover, It’s Over Easy also leaves the market open for innovative lawyers like Erin Levine of Hello Divorce, a site that offers some the same services (comparably priced) as It’s Over Easy with one key distinction: clients have numerous opportunities to work directly with lawyers —…

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Mogul: Truth is the Highest Form of Self-Care

For Mogul, CEO Erin Levine recounts a conversation with Allie Stark of Allie Stark Wellness for her podcast, Gutted Stories, and shares why speaking one’s truth is the highest form of self-care. “I have my applied my approach to self-care and wellness as a part of the Hello Divorce offering, empowering people to manage their divorce with ease and allowing them to gracefully step into the next chapter of their lives.” Erin Levine, CEO

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#IAmMogul: An Interview with Erin Levine, Founder & CEO of Hello Divorce

Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine speaks with Mogul about the creation of Hello Divorce. Check out the article to learn her motivations for starting this platform, her plans for the next five years, and her advice for parents on how to talk to kids about the difficult decision to separate. “…divorce is the unwinding of what will likely be the most complicated financial contract any of us ever face. So we have to navigate a complicated legal process, nurture our…

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Hello Divorce CEO Recognized by Super Lawyers for 4th Year in a Row

Hello Divorce CEO Recognized by Super Lawyers for 4th Year in a Row Outside-the-Box Selection Highlights Innovative Online Tool for Divorce Emeryvile, CA, July 24, 2017 – Erin Levine has been recognized by Super Lawyers, a selective nationwide rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas. Levine is the founder and CEO of the Emeryville-based Levine Family Law Group, and was named a ‘Super Lawyers – Rising Star’ for the 4th year in a row by the…

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What Makes Hello Divorce Different From Online Document Preparers and Form Generating Software?

SPOILER: We are lawyers. They are not. Who needs a $400 per hour divorce lawyer on retainer who will bill you for every 3 1/2 minutes? Not everyone has the money, wants to hand over their checkbook or needs the assistance of traditional, one size-fits-all full legal representation. That’s why other options have popped up across the internet. Enter Hello Divorce. We founded Hello Divorce because we love people, like problem solving and wanted to offer a cost-effective, high quality…

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The “Hello Divorce” Divorce – Disrupting the Message that When We Divorce, We Fail

We were perhaps naively surprised by the reaction some people have had towards Hello Divorce. What is it about Hello Divorce that polarizes so many people? The name?  The offer to make divorce less painful and perhaps even a stepping stone to a new (gasp) healthier, happier life?   “In my 12+ years of Family Law lawyering, our firm websites and blogs never received even so much as a comment accusing us of being promotive of divorce. We at Hello Divorce…

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Upcoming Webinar: California Divorce in Four Steps

You deserve to know and understand what your divorce may look like. Erin Levine, CEO of Hello Divorce and Certified Family Law Specialist, is currently hosting a series of live webinars breaking down the California divorce process into four stages and explaining the different methods by which you can move through the process — depending on the level of guidance you find most helpful and/or cost effective. Learn more.

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Hello Divorce Launches, Bringing Divorce Online and On-Demand

OAKLAND, CA – 31 Mar, 2017 – East Bay startup Hello Divorce today announced the launch of their online platform that seeks to reimagine the way people approach the California divorce process. Hello Divorce provides ongoing subscription-based memberships to curated articles, resources, DIY videos and instructional templates, which users can access while preparing legal forms and moving their case through the Court system. In addition, Hello Divorce offers legal document preparation, support, and filing. Should clients need legal advice, coaching,…

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