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Law, Tech & A2J: Hello Divorce, Hello New Practice Model

Law, Tech and A2J recently published an article discussing how Hello Divorce is trailblazing the online legal services world. “There are numerous examples of attempts to do this from ‘Co-op Legal Services’ early ventures into fixed price packages in the early 2010s or the current offerings from organisations like Divorce Online. Hello Divorce has, however, a number of distinguishing features which make it a leader in its class.” Read More

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Daily Journal: The legal system is broken; it’s time for change

Daily Journal’s recent article on the state of the legal system shed light on the need for change, and for Californians to have more access to affordable legal services. “For example, we need more TurboTax – like tools for legal services — like Erin Levine’s Hello Divorce platform, where consumers pay a monthly subscription to access guided, do-it-yourself tools with support from legal document preparers or lawyers where needed.” Read More

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Hello Divorce CEO & Divorce Lawyer Explains What You Need to Know Before Marriage

This week I sat down with Erin Levine, CEO of Hello Divorce. Erin is a Certified Family Law Specialist, and Lawyer of Levine Family Law Group. She breaks down everything you need to know about getting married. Pre-nup, POST-Nup, Fidelity Clause, Child Support, Alimony, and even offshore accounts. I learned so much from this episode, and hopefully, you will too! High recommend giving this a listen if you’re in a serious relationship, or even if you’re single! 

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Above the Law: Reach Out, Make a Connection

Hello Divorce and CEO Erin Levine are recognized for smart, helpful communication around coronavirus in this article in Above the Law: Take Bay Area family lawyer Erin Levine, founder of Hello Divorce. After getting more than 50 questions about how the pandemic could impact divorce proceedings, she produced a helpful Q&A for her clients and, undoubtedly, many others looking for guidance. In her piece, “Will Coronavirus Affect My Divorce?” Levine covers court dates and possible closings, co-parenting decisions, and child

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CEO Erin Levine

CEO Erin Levine Wins ABA’s James I. Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering

Hello Divorce Founder and CEO Erin Levine was named recipient today of the American Bar Association Legal Technology Resource Center’s James I. Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering. Presented by the ABA to one person each year, this prestigious award recognizes attorneys and law firms that “innovatively deliver personal legal services, with special attention given to firms and entities that serve both moderate income individuals and the broad middle class,” as the ABA states on its website. Congratulations to

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Piloting Your Life Hello Divorce

Piloting Your Life: Erin Levine on A Healthier Approach to Divorce

Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine joins “Piloting Your Life” host Terri Hanson Mead to discuss the ways in which divorce is evolving, the way we make choices around divorce and how children impact those decisions. “What I’m really seeing is that women are living with more intentionality. They want to feel alive and make deliberate choices – not just let life pass them by. Most of these women have waited 5-7 years before pulling the trigger for divorce. …Usually it’s

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2019 Reisman Award

2019 Reisman Award Goes to…Hello Divorce!

Hello Divorce is thrilled to be the recipient of the 2019 Reisman Award, presented at the Clio Cloud Conference this week in San Diego. Hello Divorce was selected for the Legal Innovation Award, for our work in using technology to challenge industry norms and serve clients in innovative new ways. For Legal Innovation: @hellodivorce! Erin Levine’s law firm already had a growing, million-dollar business—but to keep pushing forward, Erin created a sister company, Hello Divorce, to make the divorce process

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