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LawSites: Hello Divorce Will Eventually Expand to all 50 States

In an interview with LawSites, Hello Divorce Founder and CEO Erin Levine discuss the upcoming expansion of her award-winning do-it-yourself platform to states like Colorado, Utah, and Texas. She shares information about the partnership between Hello Divorce and Access to Justice Tech and her plan to bring the direct-to-consumer legal platform to all 50 states. “Both Hello Divorce and A2J Tech are committed to making consumer-facing areas of law accessible to the ‘masses’ with a keen focus on the ‘middle

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Colorado Biz: How Legal Tech is Shaking Up Colorado’s Legal Industry

Erin Levine, Founder and CEO of Hello Divorce, pairs up with CoBizMag to discuss how legal technology is changing the face of the legal industry in Colorado and beyond. The article focuses on how legal tech is currently being used, how it is saving consumers thousands on legal fees, and how it will continue to grow in the future. Joseph Schieffer of Access to Justice Tech also chimes in on the legal tech trend: “Hello Divorce is a shining example

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Colorado Parent Hello Divorce feature

Colorado Parent: The Happier Divorce

Colorado Parent Magazine recently interviewed CEO Erin Levine about the new trends in divorce. Colorado ranks among the top 10 states with the highest divorce costs and, understandably, many people attempt to ‘DIY’ their divorce. With a complicated divorce process and procedures, many of these DIY-ers end up forgetting something or missing a form. “We created a situation for people to opt out of the traditional lawyer divorce model, to keep people out of the system, and get them through

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Hello Divorce CEO & Divorce Lawyer Explains What You Need to Know Before Marriage

This week I sat down with Erin Levine, CEO of Hello Divorce. Erin is a Certified Family Law Specialist, and Lawyer of Levine Family Law Group. She breaks down everything you need to know about getting married. Pre-nup, POST-Nup, Fidelity Clause, Child Support, Alimony, and even offshore accounts. I learned so much from this episode, and hopefully, you will too! High recommend giving this a listen if you’re in a serious relationship, or even if you’re single! 

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Hello Divorce launches in Colorado

Hello Divorce Announces Launch in Colorado: A Lower Cost, Less Complicated and Much Healthier Alternative to “Traditional” Divorce

Residents in Colorado can now access the award winning “DIY” divorce website built on technology and offering an easier, quicker, and less expensive divorce option.   The Colorado divorce system is among the most expensive and complicated in the country — with the average cost of a divorce with kids barreling in at $21,700 per person (USA Today).  Hello Divorce is disrupting the 50 billion dollar a year industry by leveraging technology to cut costs and streamline the overly complicated

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Hello Divorce Women's Health

Women’s Health: 12 Of The Most Common Reasons For Divorce, According To The Experts

Founder Erin Levine speaks with Women’s Health about the top reasons people seek divorce. “People in long-term marriages are generally not just walking out on their marriages for the heck of it,” Levine says. “These are people who tried to save their marriages for years and years, and it just didn’t work out.” – Erin Levine Read More

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BuzzFeed News: How To Plague: How Can I Stop Feeling Angry At Everyone?

In this BuzzFeed article, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine offers advice to co-parents navigating their way through coronavirus. There’s a legal answer and a mama bear answer (“mama” for purposes of this = gender-neutral). The legal answer is that parents that live near each other should probably continue to exchange their kids. At least that’s what most government websites are saying. The mama bear answer is go with your gut. Check yourself — are you trying to keep your ex

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HuffPost: How To Co-Parent During The Coronavirus Pandemic

HuffPost interviews Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine for a piece about co-parenting during coronavirus/COVID-19. “My biggest piece of advice is to be honest, and be especially thoughtful about tone when having difficult discussions with your ex,” Levine said. “We’re all struggling. We’re all trying to do the best we can right now. The more transparent and empathetic you can be right now, the better for everyone.” Read More

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Bay Area Parent: Co-Parenting While Sheltering in Place

In an interview with Bay Area Parent, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine shares tips on coparenting during stay-at-home orders throughout California. When people are fearful, tired or scared, or whatever heightened emotion they are feeling, it can really impact how we communicate. The important thing is to shield our kids from conflict. Kids are resilient when it comes to divorce or separation – except when they are exposed to conflict over an extended period of time. Read More

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