Legal Talk Network

Legal Talk Network: The Win-Win Legal Services Model

At the 2019 Clio Cloud Conference, CEO Erin Levine gave an interview to Legal Talk Network about lawyer burnout and how her Hello Divorce model is a win-win that gives lawyers flexibility to live the life they want, while offering clients the affordable legal services they need. I looked at my website and saw that what we were encouraging was the win/lose/fight-till-you-can’t-any-longer super agressive lawyering. And I also realized at the same time that that type of lawyering was what was

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Hello Divorce Forbes

Forbes: How Technology Has Changed Divorce

Technology has changed divorce in so many ways. Hello Divorce is one great example in this article of how technology has enabled services like ours to make divorce more understandable, transparent and affordable. Levine’s goal is to make divorce more accessible to those who may not have the knowledge or experience yet, and show them they have options. Even if you are not living in California, Hello Divorce’s blog is still worth reading for its concise, straightforward articles on topics

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Lawyer's Favorite - Hello Divorce

Lawyer’s Favorite: No More Attorneys Involved? The Real Deal with Do-It-Yourself Divorce Apps

In an article about the rise of divorce apps, Lawyer’s Favorite mentions Hello Divorce as a path toward a more affordable divorce. “Hello Divorce, for example, started in 2017 as part of a law firm, two years later, it has evolved into a nonlaw corporation that provides a lot of legal help. There’s an average fee of $1,500, and 90 percent of those who paid completed the process through the app. The figure is obviously lower than what you would expect

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Hello Divorce

Hello Divorce Selected as a Finalist for The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019

The Changing Lawyer Awards recognize and celebrate those individuals and organizations which have best embraced and championed change AUGUST, 2019 – Hello Divorce has been selected as a finalist for The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019 Disruptor of the Year award, which recognizes an alternative legal service provider or legal tech supplier that has most successfully disrupted the broader legal profession. The Changing Lawyer Awards represent an opportunity to recognize individuals, firms, and companies in the legal industry for their willingness

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Women founders network

Women Founders Network Unveils Ten Finalists Competing At Seventh Annual Fast Pitch Competition

Hello Divorce has been named one of ten finalists that will compete in the 7th Annual Women Founders Network Fast Pitch Competition on October 30, 2019. “It was challenging to narrow down the field of over 120 high quality applicants to ten finalists, and we’re excited to be working with these amazing women founders to help accelerate their success,” said Women Founders Network founder and CEO Darya Allen-Attar in a statement. Read More

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Fastcase 50 Erin Levine

Fastcase50 Names Erin Levine to 2019 Honoree List

Created in 2011, Fastcase50 honors the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, & leaders. In 2019, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine was selected as one of their honorees. A classic disruptor, Erin’s workflow tools have helped thousands of clients make it through a difficult time in their lives without unnecessary financial burden.   Read More

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DIY divorce apps

Do DIY divorce apps deliver? Services promise an easier process

CEO Erin Levine was interviewed for this article about DIY divorce apps and their potential to save clients time and money: Parvin Lilley, a caregiver for seniors in Concord, California, tried to file her own papers for her divorce twice. She was rejected—twice. Lacking the money to hire a divorce attorney, Lilley didn’t think she had any options remaining. Then she discovered Hello Divorce, an online platform for divorce in California with flat fees, such as $500 per month to

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artificial intelligence

AI Could Give Millions Online Legal Help. But What Will the Law Allow?

Hello Divorce founder Erin Levine is quoted in this article about law technology and the increasing use of artificial intelligence in helping clients settle legal issues more efficiently. In addition to being a certified family lawyer at a firm in Emeryville, Levine is the founder and CEO of Hello Divorce, a website that employs AI and chatbot technologies to lead Californians through their legal options in the divorce process. Read More

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Divorce Navigator App

Skip the Lawyer, Skip the Paperwork: Divorce Just Got a Lot Less Stressful in California

New “Divorce Navigator” Generates All 20+ Mandatory California Divorce Forms April 30, 2019, Oakland, CA – The cost of starting your next chapter in California got a lot easier and a lot more affordable today thanks to Hello Divorce, with the launch of the Divorce Navigator. The new, first-of-its kind application empowers those going through divorce to complete the 20+ forms required for California divorce in plain language, on their own – without having to fork out tens of thousands

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Breaking Free Podcast

Breaking Free Podcast: DIY Divorce: How to Get What You Want and Save Money, Time, and Headache with Legal Tech Guru Erin Levine of Hello Divorce

In a guest appearance for the popular, entertaining and always engaging “Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast,” Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine talks about how her platform is changing the way divorce is done, making it more affordable and accessible for all. The world of DIY divorce is forever changed because of Erin and what she has accomplished and will continue to create for those going through divorce. Her innovative platforms provide assistance from filling out the forms and filing

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