Legal Tech and the Fork in the Road

Hello Divorce earns a mention in this legal industry tech blog. “If we are near the beginning of a dramatic transformation from the “traditional,” lawyer-centric legal market into a tech-enabled, client-centric market, then everyone involved in law faces a fork in the road. On one side of the fork is the highway of the traditional law-firm model. On the other is the exit ramp to the surface streets of innovation…. surface streets have a lot going for them, too. If…

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Hey Mama

What No One Tells You About the First Year of Launching a Startup

Erin shares insights into what it takes to launch a start up with “What was the most surprising discovery to me was that an idea and even execution of that idea is not enough. You need to be relevant and to truly be relevant, to sell yourself and your brand, you need to dive far deeper internally than you ever have before. Nobody tells you that when you build a startup that what you know about yourself is not…

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Your Tango Press

11 Strong Woman Quotes (For When You’re Feeling Anything But Fierce)

In honor of Woman’s History Month, Erin takes a break from the usual (legal) articles to touch upon a very important subject: inspiring your best self. “What if we allowed ourselves the gift of surrender? Not knowing where we go next and being OK with that. We don’t have to have all the answers — we just need to be open to fresh possibilities and a new chapter in our journey.”

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11 Common Myths About Prenups Debunked

For Brit+Co, CEO Erin Levine identified 11 myths about prenuptial agreements. “Divorce attorney and Hello Divorce founder and CEO Erin Levine wants you to know that the way we think about (or avoid thinking about) prenups — also known as premarital agreements — is totally off base. The movies haven’t done us any favors in terms of understanding what this process is really about, so she’s identified 11 myths about prenuptial agreements that should make it easier for women everywhere…

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AboveThe Law

A Lawyer To The Stars Brings Divorce Down To Earth With A Legal Tech Startup

Hello Divorce is highlighted as a divorce resource in California that provides clients with the opportunity to work directly with a lawyer – in addition to providing access to high-quality articles, resources and video tutorials. “Moreover, It’s Over Easy also leaves the market open for innovative lawyers like Erin Levine of Hello Divorce, a site that offers some the same services (comparably priced) as It’s Over Easy with one key distinction: clients have numerous opportunities to work directly with lawyers —…

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Mogul: Truth is the Highest Form of Self-Care

For Mogul, CEO Erin Levine recounts a conversation with Allie Stark of Allie Stark Wellness for her podcast, Gutted Stories, and shares why speaking one’s truth is the highest form of self-care. “I have my applied my approach to self-care and wellness as a part of the Hello Divorce offering, empowering people to manage their divorce with ease and allowing them to gracefully step into the next chapter of their lives.” Erin Levine, CEO

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Episode 035: Erin Levine, Truth is the Highest Form of Self-Care

A deep dive into the mind of Erin Levine as she reveals some of the darker moments in her life and how she overcame them through self-discovery and self-care. “At that point [in my life] I had very little self-confidence, very little desire to protect myself or my own life. But I did not want to see any other human being experience what I had experienced.”

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Podcast #152: Divorce with Benefits, with Erin Levine

In this episode Erin Levine explains how her experience as a divorce lawyer led her to build Hello Divorce, a web-based DIY divorce portal that earned Erin a nomination for the ABA’s Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access. Sam Glover: “It sounds like you’re really trying to empower them to feel like they are in control of their situation?” Erin Levine: “Yeah. Instead of offering teasers on the law, maybe like in a blog that I might do for…

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Hey Mama: Erin Levine’s 5 Successful Co-Parenting Strategies That Actually Work

Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine discusses the best way to take on the many challenges of co-parenting and how you can overcome them. “Now is your time to slow down, stop, and survey where you are in this moment. During this “pause”, consider reconnecting with old friends, forming a new tribe, revisiting an activity you used to love, people watching over tea and a good book, a long bath (after you throw the toys out of the tub) or (gasp)…

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