Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Quick Tip: While you work on Step 2, schedule a parenting class if you have kids (it’s required by the state). Click here to find approved classes.

Next, you and your spouse each must prepare a Financial Statement (it’s mandatory) within 42 days of filing the Petition (joint filers) or after the Petition is served (single filers). If you don’t quite meet the deadline, don’t expect a bomb to drop. You might just get your spouse to “nudge” you. At the very least, if the court schedules a “Status Conference,” you’ll want to make sure you complete this step before the court date. Note, you must provide accurate information – a failure to do so could result in serious consequences.

Step 2


Quick Tip: If your spouse is not a Hello Divorce subscriber they can print and fill out blank PDF’s from our site using a free starter membership. They are also welcomed to sign up for their own paid membership if they would like to use our guided interviews for these forms.

File & Serve

DIY Pro members click here to send us a note that you’re ready to file and serve. Then, skip to Step 3 to see what’s next.
DIY’ers: You now have your Step 2 Forms:

  • Mandatory Disclosure – Exchange but do not file (JDF 1125)
  • Certificate of Compliance (JDF 1104)
  • Sworn Financial Statement (JDF 1111)
  • If applicable, Supporting Schedules for Assets (JDF 1111SS)

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  1. Review forms carefully 
(you can make changes directly to the form)
  2. Sign and date all forms
  3. Make at least two copies
  4. Send a copy of all Step 2 documents to your spouse
  5. File only JDF 1104 and JDF 1111
  6. Include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope if filing by US Mail


Congrats, Step 2 is COMPLETE!

We know that was a lot of work. But hang in there! You’re making great progress. Sometimes the court will ‘auto’ schedule an initial “Status Conference.” Don’t panic, while this is inconvenient, it’s not a hearing where you’re slinging mud at each other. Learn more about how to prepare for a Status Conference, here.

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