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Only one form needs to be filled out per step. If you have already started a form, select ‘Resume Form’ to continue.

Step 1: Petition & Response

Start or complete your first divorce forms, the Joint Petition, Single Petition, or the Response. The Petitioner files the first forms in the divorce, and the Respondent answers a Petition.

Access all your forms here

This is where you can find all your started or in-process forms.

My Forms Library

Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Start or complete your Financial Disclosures. This step does not divide anything, but provides the spouses financial information before deciding how to divide assets.

Colorado Divorce Resources

Need help planning your divorce? All of our Colorado divorce resources are located here.

Divorce Resources

Step 3: Divorce Decree

The last few steps are the final forms for your divorce, where you and your spouse will decide how to divide your assets and child custody fairly. If you need help with this step, we have mediation available at a flat hourly rate.

DIY Instructions

Instructions on how to file with the court and serve your forms are located here. Note: If you are working with an account coordinator, you do NOT need to use these instructions.

DIY Instructions

Step 4: Separation Agreement & Parenting Plan

This questionnaire works through
 various agreements about support, property and debt.
 If you don’t have children, you will not be asked questions about a parenting plan. If you need help with this step, we have mediation available at a flat hourly rate.

Step 5: Calculate Spousal & Child Support

This determines how much support you’ll pay after divorce. Calculating support is mandatory if you have kids under 19 or still in high school, or adult disabled children.

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