It’s time to sign your final decree and finalize your divorce!

Print & sign all your completed final decree forms

Click here to access your completed final decree and agreement forms. Check them over, then sign and date each one where needed. NOTE: You will only use JDF 1129 (Pretrial Statement) if you and your spouse don’t agree on all the issues in your Separation Agreement.

Make (3) copies of your signed final decree

Make three copies of your final decree and agreements after you’ve signed the forms.

Take your final decree documents to your final prove-up hearing

You need to file your final decree and agreement documents with the court, and then the court may schedule a hearing, depending on circumstances. Make sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you are mailing your forms.

Final hearing? It depends!

Sometimes the court will set a “final hearing” before granting your divorce. Don’t panic, you got this. Learn how to prepare at this link.

Once the judge signs your final forms, you're divorced!

If the judge signs your final decree and agreements, your divorce is finalized!


Petition & Response


Financial Disclosures


Agreements & Decree


Divorce Wrap Up

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