Conscious Company Media: How Self-Love Helped This Startup Founder Build a Values-Driven Startup

In a guest article, Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine shares how self-love helped her overcome a traumatic experience – and become a more authentic startup founder as a result.

“I had to be brutally honest with myself before I could tell others of my story. Through a pause, I paid much more attention to my first thought and first experience with every interaction I had. I realized that I always protected, not engaged. That’s when I learned that the energy I resisted was love—self-love and love from others. My instinct had always been to put up a virtual boundary. It made me feel in control over situations and people, and it allowed me the freedom to leave a relationship if things got real. If I didn’t allow love in, then I wouldn’t lose anything if I walked away.

Through that brutal self-reflection, I started to accept myself. I realized that I could be who I am, that who I am actually mattered, and that people would actually care. I could make progress not in spite of who I am, but because of who I am.”

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