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Disclaimer, Hello Divorce
Based on 28 reviews
I cannot recommend Hello Divorce enough! If your separation is an amicable one, Hello Divorce can make the process easy and painless. Jenn made it a breeze by gathering all the correct forms we needed and answered all questions in a timely manner. We were able to get our paperwork filed with the court and completed relatively quickly and the whole thing cost us under $1000. As odd as it might be to say, this was the divorce of my dreams. Thank you Erin and Jenn! I'm truly grateful Hello Divorce exists.
Stacy de la R.
23:14 23 Aug 21
Divorce from a long-term marriage is convoluted and, admittedly, frightening. Fortunately, someone told me about Hello Divorce which was the perfect solution. Desiree, Shelley and Erin were so great at patiently guiding me through my divorce, helping me keep it as amicable and harmonious as possible. My divorce could have easily spiraled into a long-winded, stressful and expensive direction if it was not for this team. Thank you Hello Divorce (many times over) for your guidance and care!!!
Tiffany M.
12:21 16 Jun 21
HelloDivorce is a awesome company and have really made the process smooth and proves that you don’t need a lawyer to have a smooth separation. The process is really simple and straightforward.
RelentlessR3 V.
22:32 20 May 21
I had a great experience. Everyone from Hello Divorce replied quickly, explained things clearly, and acted professionally and respectfully. Would definitely recommend to others.
Lila G.
21:22 18 May 21
Highly recommend this service. Sara and Erin are a dream team and made a what could’ve been a really expensive and painful process quick, easy and affordable. Sara is incredibly responsive and communicative about the steps. Erin is available if you need specific legal advice. They have a great Instagram page too that brought me a lot of comfort as I navigated this process.
Julie A.
21:33 08 Apr 21
We received great and prompt service from , “Hello Divorce,” making a difficult situation that much easier for both parties. Honestly, we couldn’t have finalized our divorce with out their help! They company was a life saver!Roseanna
Roseanna L
05:33 25 Feb 21
Hello Divorce rocks! They respond quickly, answer questions in clear English rather than legal English, and got the job (divorce) done.I got my divorce papers done by LegalZoom rejected twice by the court and hired Hello Divorce to clean up the mess. Hello Divorce fixed the paperwork in no time and resubmitted. No issues and I'm now happily divorced.I highly recommend Hello Divorce for anyone needing divorce services.
Anne V.
05:44 11 Feb 21
Erin, Kim and the team at Hello Divorce were supportive, patient and dedicated during my three year divorce journey. I found their fees reasonable and fair, the communications responsive and helpful, and I always felt that they were always calm and encouraging.Erin was a thoughtful and effective advocate during the process. I recommend Hello divorce as an affordable and supportive alternative to the traditional contested divorce process.
Steven G.
19:18 28 Jan 21
Having to navigate a divorce when the courts shut down for COVID seemed impossible. Hello Divorce was the perfect solution. I’ve already recommended them to a friend who had gotten stuck in her process before finding them.
Lourie A.
01:23 26 Jan 21
Hello Divorce was amazing and I truly believe that I wouldn't be divorced yet if I hadn't stumbled across them and started using their services. From my first call with Erin to the final email with her team, I knew I could always reach out and ask a question about the process or check in about the status of something. Erin helped negotiate terms with my ex in order to move forward and avoid lawyers. She spoke to me in a kind and humane way and didn't make me feel shamed or embarrassed for seeking a divorce. The entire process was smooth and even though it was a bit delayed due to COVID-19, I was able to successfully move through the process because of her and her team. 10/10 would recommend them and I hope to never have to use her services again, but will continue to tell anyone I speak to who feels stuck. If you are dragging your feet or just feel overwhelmed by the entire process, reach out to Erin and the Hello Divorce team, you won't be disappointed!
Natasha D.
02:20 17 Jan 21
Erins team is responsive and diligent. They always got back me to me within 24 hours even through the pandemic. Most importantly we had to barely do anything. It was also super affordable. Very happy with their services.
Pradeep M.
01:43 30 Dec 20
I am so happy to have used Hello Divorce. The divorce process was made painless because they were so very responsive to my questions and emails. I am super appreciative for the accurate status, despite Covid, given in response emails when I would periodically inquire about our next steps.For something that is so emotionally wrought with misery for me, I absolutely disdained the notion of what it would cost me financially. Paying for something, firstly, that I did not want, and secondly, that brings me so much sadness was, and is, gut wrenching. In the end, I am relieved that Hello Divorce could bring me a resolution and not put me in debt.
Sherry N.
19:39 17 Dec 20
I had started my divorce on my own following the “roadmap” provided by my county court online. After many failed attempts and getting my paperwork rejected, I gave up and did nothing about it for an entire year. I came across Hello Divorce on Instagram and thought I’d see if they could help. I am happy to say that thanks to Hello Divorce and their friendly, kind, patient, and knowledgeable staff, I am now officially divorced! They took on my case, sorted through all of the mistakes that I had made, navigated the Covid-altered court system and we’re able to achieve results in a timely and concise manner. My partner is also using Hello Divorce to get his divorce taken care of as well. I highly recommend this service!
Julie C.
22:47 03 Dec 20
Hello Divorce was amazing and affordable! They were very professional, competent, and quick. They took my case just before COVID hit, so navigated the closed court system very well and got my divorce completed by timing the submission astutely. I had tried multiple times to do this relatively easy divorce on my own, but could not get the paperwork done correctly. They finished it off easily and got it done! I am eternally grateful!!
Kathleen P.
18:07 03 Dec 20
I can't express how thankful I am for Hello Divorce.I had a very simple divorce, and my daughter had just graduated from law school, so we thought we could do this ourselves through the court's website. My forms were rejected TWICE! It took so much time and work to complete the forms, and the whole thing was just so frustrating. So I gave up and decided to get help, even though I couldn't afford any crazy attorney fees.I randomly found Hello Divorce. Erin was so efficient. She was clearly not trying to drag things out or get extra money. One of the main reasons my forms were getting rejected is ONE OF THE FORMS LABELED OPTIONAL IS NOT OPTIONAL!!! Come on!? What are people supposed to do?!Anyway, I hope no one has to divorce, but I highly recommend Hello Divorce!
Parvin L.
19:39 24 Nov 20
After a very long struggle trying to take care of my divorce by representing myself, Hello Divorce and the lawyers who I worked with made the rest of the journey SO easy. I simply passed the torch answered some questions and then waited. I knew I was in good hands. Then, to my delight, I got notification that my divorce was final and I was restored to single status. I got everything I had asked for and I could not be more thrilled. Hello Divorce is affordable, accessible and they provide amazing customer service. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Divorce is hard, and they made it a lot easier for me.
anne C.
15:58 20 Jun 20
I suspect that few things in life can seem more terrifying or overwhelming than beginning the divorce process. Hello Divorce shifted all the awful stereotypes of screaming and fighting about power cords and coffee tables into a calm, hyper efficient but compassionate process. The clearly defined path allowed us to move quickly through it, and the neutrality of it minimized contention and enabled us to share our money, rather than gifting it to lawyers who’s job it is to turn us against each other. While I wish divorce on no one, I would recommend this service to my best of friends. A very 21st century way of doing divorce well.
Tali Krakowsky A.
06:04 23 Apr 20
There are times during a divorce procedure when all you want to do is feel like you've made good choices in your life. When I first contacted Hello Divorce on the recommendation from a friend I was in need of one of those moments. After speaking with Desiree I felt I finally had it after years of it eluding me, indispensable during a time when I otherwise felt either totally helpless and inept or else completely taken advantage of. Divorce is after all riddled with pitfalls, traps and dark corners.The Hello Divorce process started for me with a free 15 minute phone consultation, then a deeper more involved paid call in which I got answers to questions both general and highly specific to my own situation. To hire them on with their flat fee package was an absolute no-brainer decision, finally, after so many previous ones spent wringing my hands and going gray over.They get you set up with all your paperwork and solid, experienced counsel. But for me it was the legwork that I was most appreciative of - not having to figure out what and where to file when that was the last thing I wanted to do with my time and without the worry of having the court reject me for some silly oversight, or else having to wait in endless lines down at the courthouse trying to do it all myself. This kind of comfort can be invaluable during what otherwise can be an incredibly fraught and confusing time in your life. For me I was happy to know the team was on my side. They even helped out with free notary services when that was needed as well. It's the little things.A divorce process can be filled with friction. These guys took so much of that away. They were super responsive over email, and understanding and patient when things didn't go exactly according to plan.I highly recommend Hello Divorce for anyone trying to figure out how to handle your own divorce. These guys are great people, providing an invaluable service, at extraordinary rates. This at least was one decision in my life I felt 100% confident about. Money well spent, help well received. Thanks so much guys!
Nico C
07:39 24 Jan 20
I am a family law attorney and divorce mediator with 30 years of experience in the field and I find what Erin Levine has created with Hello Divorce and Divorce Navigator to be amazing! The traditional divorce process is extremely expensive, divisive and disempowering. Hello Divorce allows clients to handle their divorce, no matter how simple or complicated with all the support needed but without the extraordinary price tag. I recommend Hello Divorce to all of my divorce mediation clients in California and can’t wait until it is available for all 50 states!!
Susan Guthrie, E.
00:53 28 May 19
Brilliant tool for people deciding to legally divorce but who don’t want to spend thousands on attorney fees.
Dani Juni B.
00:50 28 May 19
People often say that going through a divorce is like experiencing a death. I never understood this analogy until went through my divorce. I was afraid, overwhelmed, confused and alone. My Attorney was slow to return calls/emails, didn’t support me and often sided with my husband and his attorney (for example, telling me I shouldn't push for spousal support). After firing him, I was in desperate need to find an Attorney who could quickly step in, get up to speed and have my best interest in mind. That’s when I found Hello Divorce. After my free 15 minute strategy session with Erin Levine, a sense of relief came over me, I felt empowered and I knew everything would be ok. The Hello Divorce team is responsive, supportive, strategic and professional. I was able to manage the process with the support of the Hello Divorce team and get answers to my many questions. Their emails were thorough and they turned documents around quickly. They prepared all the forms/documents, sent them to me for signature and then filed the documents with the court. The resources (library resources and Do It Yourself Videos) were invaluable and I chose to do all my coaching/consulting by phone so I didn't have to take time off work.I will forever be grateful to Hello Divorce. It was a non-traditional, inexpensive way to dissolve my divorce. The flat fee left me with no surprises which was a relief because I had enough worry about.I would recommend Hello Divorce to anyone who is looking for great legal support! You will be educated and receive great support and advice. They have payment options that work for all budgets. Whether you choose the flat rate or the monthly fee option, you will not be disappointed!
Nicole T.
03:21 14 Jan 19
Disclaimer, Hello Divorce

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