Yes, you can still get a divorce. Even during a global pandemic.

Divorce during a global pandemic sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be…

We genuinely love our partners when we say “I do.” Many of us still love them even when it’s time for divorce. Just…not in the same way. Or maybe we don’t love them anymore. That’s not an indictable offense. These are normal life changes — not crimes or sins — and they’re no reason to turn feelings of guilt and shame into fire aimed at a partner. On the contrary, the commonality and inevitability of such life changes is reason to keep breakups amicable, fair, and even loving.

– Steven Kane

These words are more powerful than ever. We’ve all seen so many changes to our lives throughout the last year+ and for many of us, when we find a moment of calm — away from kids and work (if we’re lucky to still have a job) — we’ve begun to refocus on what matters most to us. If ending your marriage is truly the right decision for your relationship, this can be an opportunity to move forward with your divorce, to complete the paperwork and resolve issues.

Even if you are currently stuck at home together, you can still get a divorce without leaving your house.

You can complete your divorce online. And, it’s not as complicated as you might think. 

File for Divorce Online

You can start the divorce process now – you don’t have to wait for the global pandemic / COVID-19 to go away.

First, California courts are processing divorce documents. You sign them electronically and then we file them for you. There is a misconception out there that you cannot get divorced now, but the truth is most of the delays that consumers have experienced have really stemmed from ‘traditional lawyers’ who weren’t set up to work online (think: on-premise servers, paper files, no laptops, etc.) Reports are showing that since the COVID-19 crisis began, a majority of firms have had trouble — or have given up — trying to work remotely.

This means that if you want to divorce through a traditional lawyer, you might have to have to wait for the global pandemic to end. And that could take a while. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the ‘old way’ of practicing law and “doing” divorce is exactly why we founded Hello Divorce — it’s time for a change. 

Hello Divorce has always been set up to help you through the divorce process online, start to finish. 

Our service was built for a time like this. Never in our wildest dreams would we have expected that our model would require a global pandemic to really get noticed and validated, but coronavirus has shown more and more divorcing couples just like you that our hybrid model, which pairs online services with legal help from California legal document assistants, Colorado document specialists, lawyers, and mediators, is not only the answer to keeping the ball moving forward — it’s a way to keep costs down and conflict low. We’re helping couples move forward to their next chapter as conveniently as possible, without all the drama ordinarily associated with divorce. And, the silver lining here is that we’re bringing the cost of divorce WAY DOWN from $26,300 per person (source) to $1,500 (per couple).

Do you really have the money laying around to pay $26,000 in legal fees? I didn’t think so. 

Decide how much help you want or need >> get started.

Ready to move forward with your life? Awesome. We want to help you get there (without the drama). Divorce is paperwork — lots of it. And it’s also the dissolving of a serious contract (the marital contract), so going at it alone probably feels daunting (and in most cases, it’s just a bad idea).

We are set up to give you whatever level of help and support you need. And, our software is so easy to use, we offer a free trial so you can get comfortable with it before committing to pay. Here’s an overview of our services:

    • DIY Divorce: Use our Divorce Navigator to generate ALL of your mandatory divorce paperwork (including the settlement agreement).
    • DIY Pro: You complete three guided online interviews (via our Divorce Navigator), we handle all the procedural stuff (like filing the documents at court and getting them (peacefully) served).
    • Divorce Plus: A “handheld” approach. After an initial online intake process, our divorce experts streamline the entire process for you — start to finish — preparing your documents, sending them to you (and your spouse) and filing them with the court.
    • Divorce with Benefits: Same as Divorce Plus + two hours of legal coaching or mediation with an experienced lawyer.

    If none of these options fit your specific needs, you are welcome to request a quote, schedule a free 15-minute planning call and/or check out our a la carte options.  The point is – you pay as you go – that way you are never paying for something you don’t need. Our DIY resources, articles, worksheets, step-by-step guidance, videos and interactive tools like our Divorce Navigator help you complete and print file-ready (and editable) copies of all of your divorce paperwork online. You can talk with a member of our legal team on-demand to get specific advice about your case at a flat-rate fee, in whatever way that suits you: Zoom, Skype, email, Google Hangouts, text or just the old fashioned telephone. 

    Book your free 15-minute divorce strategy call with us at this link, now.

    Our Divorce Navigator lets you start and finish all of your divorce paperwork online even during a global pandemic.

    I started Hello Divorce because I couldn’t stand the traditional divorce process — the high fees, long turnarounds driven by insistence on sticking with hard copy papers and files, and the complete lack of transparency. It’s really something that it took a global pandemic to demonstrate why it is so important for the legal system to modernize and get more efficient at handling cases electronically as we have at Hello Divorce. 

    One of the best features of a Hello Divorce membership is the access you have to our Divorce Navigator, a first-of-its-kind online app that lets you start and complete all the 20+ mandatory California court forms. Work at your own pace and save your work as you go. When you’re done, the click of a button will print your divorce paperwork in the official court format, along with our detailed step-by-step instructions on how to file. (Or, you can have us file on your behalf.)

    No other divorce platform in California or Colorado has created a tool like this. If you don’t want to delay your divorce – and there are some considerable legal and financial reasons why you shouldn’t delay your divorce – Hello Divorce is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

    And to share (another) silver lining: You don’t need to be living apart to start the clock on the mandatory six months of separation California requires before granting a divorce). You can still work through your divorce paperwork to keep the process moving forward. If your separation is amicable, a quarantine might even be a good time to work through the financial disclosures together. The faster you complete and file the paperwork after the six-month waiting period, the faster your final decree of divorce will be granted. 

    You don’t have to go to court to get a divorce.

    Even in the case of quarantines and stay-at-home directives, you only ever have to go to court in a divorce if you and your ex have a disagreement that can’t be resolved on your own or with the help of a mediator. At Hello Divorce, our goal is to get you through this process as efficiently and affordably as possible — which means that we do everything in our power to keep you out of court. 

    So it actually doesn’t matter if the courts are open or closed. Because chances are, completing your divorce through Hello Divorce will keep you out of the courts altogether, anyway. 

    See? You can get divorced without leaving the house.

    The entire Hello Divorce process is digital. You can get divorced without leaving your home because we’ve already put in the work, designing the tools and resources to help you in a way that is convenient, accessible, and transparent. All of our services are reasonably priced, at a flat-rate fee, because we want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting from us.

    The paperwork generating Divorce Navigator is my favorite feature of our service, but another one I’m incredibly proud of is the on-demand access we offer to top-ranked divorce lawyers. For a flat-rate fee, in increments of time as little as 30-minutes, you can speak with one of our lawyers about your case. The time is yours and our team will connect with you however it makes the most sense for you. 

    We know that you may still be living with your ex, and you may have questions about your case that you don’t want them to hear you ask. That’s why we’re available in any format that is best for you — whether that means a last-minute video chat or a phone call behind closed doors, questions and answers emailed back and forth, or your questions answered via text message — we’re here for you. When, if, and in any format you need to connect.

    But, you may not need us at all. (Our DIY tutorials are literally that good.)

    This is how to get started

    If you’re ready to move forward, we’re ready to help: 

    1. Start by reviewing our membership options. If you’re not sure which one is the right fit, you can sign up for free as a Starter Member to access our free articles, resources and worksheets.
    2. Join at the $99/month DIY Divorce membership and you’ll get free access to the Divorce Navigator, letting you work at your own pace to complete and file all of your divorce paperwork. Cancel any time you want. Join at the Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits level and we can prepare and handle everything for you.
    3. Move forward. Complete your divorce paperwork and file it with the court and wait for your divorce judgment to come through. Or take advantage of our flat-rate legal services if issues arise that require legal counsel or you just need some help getting across the finish line.
    What You GetStarter MembershipDIY DivorceDIY ProDivorce PlusDivorce with Benefits
    Unlimited access to our curated resources and worksheets.
    15 minute expert planning session.
    Affordable access to a la carte legal advice and services.
    Unlimited access to the Divorce Navigator form generating software - easily prepare your divorce paperwork in minutes.
    Our experienced team files and processes your divorce documents with the court.
    Divorce Experts review and revise all of your forms FOR you - personalizing them to your needs and situation.
    2 hours of legal coaching OR mediation (help resolve disputes, review paperwork, calculate support, etc.)

    You will get through this. You can get through this because Hello Divorce has made online divorce a real, affordable and actionable alternative to the traditional lawyer-on-retainer divorce. 

    Let’s get started.


  1. Hello, I was told that the DIY Plus $199. a month (about 4-6 months) is start to finish but at the bottom it says
    * Court filing fees are not included. So, how much are those?

    1. Hi John – Depending on which California county you file in, the fees usually range from $435-$450. We invoice the fee separately.

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