Skip the Lawyer, Skip the Paperwork: Divorce Just Got a Lot Less Stressful in California, Hello Divorce

Skip the Lawyer, Skip the Paperwork: Divorce Just Got a Lot Less Stressful in California

New “Divorce Navigator” Generates All 20+ Mandatory California Divorce Forms

April 30, 2019, Oakland, CA – The cost of starting your next chapter in California got a lot easier and a lot more affordable today thanks to Hello Divorce, with the launch of the Divorce Navigator. The new, first-of-its kind application empowers those going through divorce to complete the 20+ forms required for California divorce in plain language, on their own – without having to fork out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Divorce Navigator simplifies the process of completing and filing lengthy and often confusing divorce paperwork by walking users through an easy-to-understand guided interview. The app uses artificial intelligence and conditional logic to adapt to each individual completing the form, asking only those questions that are relevant to the user, based on each previous answer. Individuals can work at their own pace and save their responses at every step. Should they need help at any point in the process, they can access legal help from experienced lawyers and legal document assistants, on demand, at a transparent flat-rate fee. When the form is complete, with the click of a button the user’s answers are transferred onto the California divorce forms that pertain to their case. Users can print this official paperwork with instructions and a checklist for how to file on their own, or they can hire legal help at a flat rate to file on their behalf.

Anyone can use the basic version of the Divorce Navigator for free, which includes step-by-step guidance through the divorce process as well as resources and articles to help support each step. The form-generating feature is provided with a $99/month DIY Divorce membership, which also includes unlimited access to explanatory video content.

The app is the brainchild of Hello Divorce founder Erin Levine, a Certified Family Law Specialist and owner of the Oakland-based Levine Family Law Group.

“Our goal is to make the law more accessible to the approximately 85 percent of Americans who cannot afford legal representation. Divorce is a $50 billion industry in the US each year, with the average cost of legal fees per person ranging from $18,000 to $27,000. At Hello Divorce, we’ve brought that cost down to $1,500 on average,” said Levine.

Divorce Navigator makes paperwork easier, but divorce is more than just paperwork. Hello Divorce is a full-service online platform that is changing the culture of divorce by making it more accessible, transparent and humane. Hello Divorce guides individuals through the entire divorce process with a library of informative resources, how-tos, instructional videos, DIY options and flat-fee legal services, as well as tools and resources written by those in the wellness space to help individuals navigate the transitions that come with breaking up, process grief and reorganize their families and lives in a new, happier and hopefully, healthier way.

“While divorce can be a difficult, stressful process, it doesn’t have to be a negative one. After all, divorce is not who you are – it is simply where you are,” said Levine, adding, “We understand that people going through divorce have a lot on their plate. The logistical complexities of divorce can feel overwhelming and paralyzing. We’ve worked so hard to streamline the process, eliminate the stress and unknowns and provide people with step-by-step guidance and affordable, flat-rate access to top-notch lawyers who are available when you need them.”

Hello Divorce offers a free Starter Membership to anyone looking for information, resources and guidance on how to DIY divorce. Affordable membership options start at $99/month and are available for those looking for more consistent legal support. Anyone with a $99/month DIY Divorce subscription or higher can use the Divorce Navigator form-generating application for free. And, until May 31, 2019, anyone who registers for a DIY Divorce subscription or higher can save $50 off their first month with code DIVNAV50.

Learn more about Hello Divorce or explore the Divorce Navigator at

About Hello Divorce
Hello Divorce is a modern break-up service; a new way to approach divorce, with more control and more transparency for a fraction of the cost of working with a divorce attorney or mediator. The average cost of a traditional divorce in California is $27,000, per person. The average cost of a Hello Divorce divorce is $1,500.

Hello Divorce takes the mystery out of expensive legal retainers and puts control back in individuals’ hands by providing free articles, DIY resources, worksheets and tools to help people navigate each step of their divorce on their own, or with a little help along the way from legal experts at a flat-rate fee. And, the site is filled with carefully curated content to help exes communicate and co-parent better, and to help people focus on self-care during this difficult process; it’s truly a holistic approach to breaking up.

Hello Divorce is a more humane, approachable way for couples to maintain integrity while moving to the next chapter of their lives. Learn more at  

About Erin Levine, Founder of Hello Divorce
Erin Levine is a Certified Family Law Specialist, founder of Hello Divorce and the owner of respected Bay Area boutique firm, Levine Family Law Group. She is a divorce attorney who believed the industry needed to be disrupted. The current system pits spouses against one another, which makes it easy for many traditional divorce lawyers to profit off divorces that last forever. Erin set out to change the culture of divorce and offer a new, viable alternative to the status quo. In 2017, she launched Hello Divorce as a more humane, approachable and affordable alternative for couples to maintain integrity while moving to the next chapter of their lives.  

Since launching Hello Divorce, Erin has received acclaim from the Legal-Tech industry and beyond. In 2018, she was the Grand Prize winner of Duke University School of Law’s “Law & Technology Accelerator.” Earlier this year, the American Bar Association named her to the prestigious “Women of Legal Tech” list. She has recently been featured or quoted in various publications including Ozy, Brit+Co, Forbes, Law Technology Today, Conscious Company, SheKnows and the San Jose Mercury News. She is also a frequent contributor to outlets like Mind, Body, Green; Entrepreneur, YourTango and Thrive Global.

“In my view, [the Divorce Navigator] is a potential game changer for women who don’t control the assets in their household or a lot of people who are staying legally married because they can’t afford to go through the way-too-cumbersome legal process, but are too nervous of what they don’t know to just fill in forms themselves.” – Sarah Lacy, Founder of Pando & Chairman Mom, Critically acclaimed author of A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug

“Hello Divorce has solidified its role in leading the way for the next generation of legal services – providing consumers with exactly what they have been asking for: transparency in the legal process, affordable fixed fee pricing, and a convenient, online and interactive divorce.” – Chad Burton, CEO of CuroLegal, Co-Founder, Modern Law Practice

“For the first time, Californians can easily, affordably and strategically prepare their divorce pleadings and access consulting attorneys to coach them on their legal rights – all in one place. This dramatically reduces the cost for couples seeking to resolve their divorce amicably, through mediation. I look forward to Hello Divorce’s national expansion.”  – Susan Guthrie, Co-Founder Breaking Free Mediation and Co-Host of the iTunes Top 10 podcast, “Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast”

“Hello Divorce takes a thoughtful approach to the divorce process – focusing not only on the end result, but the human experience along the way. The new ‘Divorce Navigator’ combines best-in-tech interactive guidance with wellness support to allow divorces to move through the legal process with ease and onto that next, happier, healthier chapter in their lives.”- Gabrielle Hartley, author of the bestselling conscious uncoupling guidebook, Better Apart (Harper Collins), leading divorce attorney, coach and mediator. Expert navigator of complex break-ups.

“Hello Divorce is faster, more cost-effective, and more predictable than retaining an attorney in ‘routine’ divorces.”- Mark Cohen, CEO of Legal Mosaic, a legal business consultancy; speaker; author; and Distinguished Fellow at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

“What nobody gets when you start a divorce is how to do it. You don’t know the forms you’ll need, or how the process works. Hello Divorce allows you to not have to understand it. They offer so many tutorials that explain the process and the different forms you need to complete. I clicked around the site to educate myself, but you don’t even have to do that, because Hello Divorce makes the entire process so easy. I don’t know of other services of this type that let you get divorced so affordably, with such minimal effort.” – S.G.

“My company provided legal assistance as a benefit, which I used in my divorce. When I first began using Hello Divorce, I explained to Erin what my company legal plan could do. She really worked with me to stay within my legal plan to keep costs down. She worked so hard to make things cost effective for me. I really appreciated that, because at that point, I wasn’t getting any spousal or child support. Keeping things affordable was so important to me, and Hello Divorce was really a lifesaver.” – Nicole R.

“I loved that I could book appointments through their online system with a legal coach to make sure I was on the right track. The only time I had to work on this was late at night after my son was asleep, so locking in appointments without back and forth emails really helped me take advantage of my midnight momentum. I also appreciated how I could use Hello Divorce’s guidance in collaboration with our work with a mediator. I really felt like I had an available, strategic and supportive team behind me. It sounds strange, but a bright spot from this most difficult of transitions in my life is Hello Divorce. Now, I’m paying it forward by sharing my experience with anyone I meet who is wading into the choppy waters of divorce.” – Margaret O.

“Before using Hello Divorce, I was convinced that, ‘I have to get this outcome. If I settle, it’s a failure. If I don’t get everything I want, it’s a failure.’ But in working with Erin, it’s been really helpful going through the process with her and understanding that actually, there probably isn’t a single outcome I’d be happy with. Instead, she’s helped me refocus my goal. Now, I’m more focused on reducing the amount of stress and headaches throughout the process.” – Patricia

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