You are open to fresh possibility, opportunity and forgiveness (of self). You trust there is a different, more streamlined, less institutional, way to do divorce.


You know what you are capable of doing and if not, you will ask for the help you need. You want to file, have filed, been served or are in the throes of divorce.


You want to protect your children from the emotion, tension and stress that we all experience in divorce – so they can transition to a new, healthier, supported space.


You are realistic that there will be challenges but to the extent possible, want to preserve your emotional and financial integrity.


You recognize that navigating the legal aspects of your divorce is not ‘brain surgery’ but it is procedural, (sometimes) complex, and can have a long lasting impact. You don’t want to become an expert (you’ll leave that us), you just want answers – well reasoned, well strategized, answers to get you through your divorce with your dignity & pocketbook intact.

Divorce is Not Who You Are

Divorce is where you are. We’re here to help.

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