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Hello Divorce Selected as a Finalist for The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019

The Changing Lawyer Awards recognize and celebrate those individuals and organizations which have best embraced and championed change

AUGUST, 2019 – Hello Divorce has been selected as a finalist for The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019 Disruptor of the Year award, which recognizes an alternative legal service provider or legal tech supplier that has most successfully disrupted the broader legal profession.

The Changing Lawyer Awards represent an opportunity to recognize individuals, firms, and companies in the legal industry for their willingness to embrace and drive change – through new technology, service models, or behavior. The winners of The Changing Lawyer Awards will be announced during ILTACON 2019, at the Litera Microsystems briefing on Monday, August 19 at Disney’s Boardwalk Atlantic Dance Hall at 5:30pm. For more information about the awards, please visit the event page.

“This year’s finalists for The Changing Lawyer Awards represent an elite group of individuals and organizations that are playing key roles in the changing legal landscape,” said Litera Microsystems CMO Julian Morgan. “The quality of nominations and overall response to the awards program in this second year is indicative of the growing appreciation for those taking on that challenge, and we’re delighted that we have a way to recognize them.”

About Hello Divorce
Hello Divorce is a modern break-up service; a new way to approach divorce, with more control and more transparency for a fraction of the cost of working with a divorce attorney or mediator. The average cost of a traditional divorce in California is $27,000, per person. The average cost of a Hello Divorce divorce is $1,500.

Hello Divorce takes the mystery out of expensive legal retainers and puts control back in individuals’ hands by providing free articles, DIY resources, worksheets and tools to help people navigate each step of their divorce on their own, or with a little help along the way from legal experts at a flat-rate fee. And, the site is filled with carefully curated content to help exes communicate and co-parent better, and to help people focus on self-care during this difficult process; it’s truly a holistic approach to breaking up.

Hello Divorce is a more humane, approachable way for couples to maintain integrity while moving to the next chapter of their lives. Learn more at HelloDivorce.com.

Contact: Mari Tanaka, 510-679-1680 x 204 office or mari@hellodivorce.com.

About Litera Microsystems
Litera Microsystems is the leading provider of software for drafting, proofreading, comparing, repairing, cleaning, and securing documents in the legal and life sciences industries worldwide. Our core products empower users to generate, review, and distribute high-quality content quickly and securely, from any device. Today, Litera Microsystems supports thousands of document-intensive organizations across the globe, helping them satisfy the complex demands of clients and regulators.

Contact: Mitch Steichen – msteichen@litera.com – 630.310.5911

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