Divorce can be short or long – depending on the complexity of the issues and/or cooperation from your spouse. As much as we’d like the divorce process to be linear, it often is not. Different forms are required along the way and sometimes court is necessary to resolve issues.

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Short on time, energy and inspiration? Mediation is the perfect (flat fee) option. Meetings are conducted through Zoom conferencing. Once your mediator helps you and your spouse achieve agreements, she will prepare all your forms including your divorce judgment. Learn more.

Have an uncontested or cooperative divorce? Our Divorce Navigator will not only guide you through all those pesky (mandatory) forms, but help you craft a solution that is strategic, enforceable and will be approved by the court.

Stuck in rut? Just not sure how to strategically move your case forward? Need help preparing documents that will protect your interests? We provide expert legal coaching and document preparation services on a flat fee basis – keeping your divorce on track and your pocket book in check.

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