Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce

At Hello Divorce, our software makes preparing divorce paperwork easy. But legal forms are just one piece of a (sometimes) complicated process. What happens if the judge wants to learn more about your agreement? Or, you and your spouse want to stay out of court but need help resolving key issues? And who will review your Marital Settlement Agreement to ensure that you understand each of the terms and can trust that it protects your future?  Bottom line: It’s helpful to have a team standing with you, ready to jump in if the need arises.

Technology only takes us so far. That’s why we built a team that cares. We consider ourselves to be (cautious) optimists — believing that the adversities we have experienced give us a unique opportunity to support others in their growth – to turn obstacles into opportunities and breakups into breakthroughs. Learn more about some of the folks behind Hello Divorce.


Erin Levine – CEO / Founder

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

The simple truth is – there is absolutely a wrong way to divorce. No one wants a divorce. Everyone suffers. You can turn a negative into a positive and give yourself a chance at a happier, healthier life or you can let it take you down. 

We know that a messy divorce has long lasting ramifications that impact every aspect of our social, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. That’s why we work tirelessly to create products and services that increase the odds of a peaceful, uneventful, “successful” divorce. Highest value services at the lowest possible cost.


Mari Tanaka – Chief of Operations

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

You don’t realize how horrible the traditional divorce process is until you witness someone go through it, and with how often divorces occur, with the technology we have, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to suffer the exorbitant, combative, outdated version. I come from over a decade in the music industry, but I truly get that “rockstar” feeling working for Hello Divorce – and I’m so proud. Every day, I get to help people and partake in changing this system for the better.


Duncan Swezey – VP of Revenue

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

I wanted to work with Hello Divorce because of the approach the team is taking to providing an affordable service for something people must legally complete during a trying time in their lives. Hello Divorce makes sure to not only take care of the procedural bull… but also help a customer’s emotional journey through a tough time in their life. My goal for each client is to save them time, money and emotional stress so they can then feel better about this unique time in their life.

Heather MacKenzie – President & Chief Content Officer

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

I joined Hello Divorce because I believe in creating products that serve a greater good. With the vast majority of Americans unable to afford meaningful legal assistance, Hello Divorce is committed to providing affordable access to justice for divorcing Americans that makes the process clear and transparent. I’m excited to bring my deep experience creating online experiences that inform and delight consumers to the legal world, which all too often is opaque, confusing, and inaccessible. The entire founding team shares a vision: we’re dead set on disrupting the broken divorce process.

Desiree Howard – Attorney / Legal Coach

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

My approach to divorce is to listen, empathize, and help clients develop a plan that allows them to move forward with confidence as they begin a new chapter in their lives. I break down the “legalese” to ensure clients understand how the law impacts them, and I act as a coach – letting clients know that they can do this, they will get through it, and that we will guide them every step of the way. I respect that every family situation is unique, and I value creative solutions and working as a team to determine what is best for each family.

My two favorite things about Hello Divorce are our team and our clients. Our team is full of life, personal and professional experience, and an innate desire to help others. We’ve combined our strengths and unique abilities together to form a diverse, passionate, committed, and trustworthy team, and I am so grateful to be part of it. And our clients – our clients are going through one of the most emotionally and financially challenging times of their lives, and they invite us into their world. They bring tears and laughter and joy and sorrow and so much hope, and one step at a time, we get to guide them through it, toward a new chapter and a fresh start. 


Sara VanDerslice – Legal Assistant / Operations

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

With nearly a decade of experience working for high conflict divorce litigation firms under my belt, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of divorces. After going through my own divorce, I realized that ending a marriage does not have to be a negative and costly event. 

My goal for each of my clients is to take a personalized approach to guiding you through the process with experience, kindness and understanding. I hope to take the fear and unknown out of getting a divorce so that you can focus on doing the things that matter most to you!


Shelley VanRenselaar – Senior Legal Assistant

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

Hi! I’ve been working in the family law field for over 10 years and have seen first-hand how confusing and complicated a divorce can get – for even the simplest cases. My goal is to help simplify the process and reassure every client that there is someone in their corner. I love being able to help clients cross that ‘finish line’ and move on to the next chapter of their life – as seamlessly as possible. Divorce doesn’t have to be messy or complicated. Contrary to popular belief, people can work together to separate. 


Jenn Fei – Legal Assistant + Operations

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

Since I was a little, I have been a problem solver and love helping others. Hello Divorce has streamlined the divorce process by decoding complicated legal jargon and processes so that we can help our clients efficiently and smoothly. I have worked in divorce for many years, but always with divorces that were bitter and contentious, and so, I love my job at Hello Divorce because our clients come to us, ready to work out their problems to obtain a divorce that they’ve both agreed to, and at minimal cost. This allows for me to work with both parties and address any issues bothering them and then work toward an agreement.


Kim Dupre – Legal Assistant

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello DivorceI know better than most how awful the system can be. When I got divorced, they tried to take my son away from me simply because I am a lesbian. That’s why I work with Hello Divorce – I believe that if there’s an opportunity to ‘opt out’ of the traditional system and take control of your destiny – you should do it – and I want to help. Whether friend, acquaintance, stranger, lover, spouse, parent or child we are all connected to one another and it is from this belief that I begin to walk a person through the steps of becoming divorced.  Everyone needs to be heard, recognized, and uplifted.  Kindness is a healing balm for all hearts.  For me, no matter where they are on the spectrum of their life, my task is to gently guide them through, talk truth, provide direction and lift them up. There is life after divorce – I’m living proof.


Linda Carrera – Legal Assistant

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

Hi, happy to meet you. I have worked as family law litigation paralegal for 30 years and know what a financial and emotional toll court and trials can take on the well-being of all parties, including children. My years of experience can provide insight into the possibilities of resolution without going to war. My job here at Hello Divorce is to try make the most stressful time of your life a little bit easier.  I look forward to helping you navigate through this process from drafting your documents, submitting them to court and knowing your options at every turn.


Karin Wertheim – Legal Assistant + Sales

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

If you schedule a 15-minute consult, it’s likely you’ll be speaking to me! I love being part of the Hello Divorce team because I had my own collaborative divorce back in 2003 and it was so much easier on me, my ex and our son than the expense and heartache of the “traditional” divorce that I’d seen so many of my friends go through. It’s a privilege to support other couples in making the choice to have a peaceful divorce.




Isabella Marra – Document Specialist + Admin Assistant

Coming from a social justice background, I love that Hello Divorce offers economically accessible family law services. Not everyone has the means to shell out thousands of dollars to divorce their spouse, but everyone deserves to be able to navigate the legal system with ease. As an aspiring attorney myself, I am proud to work for a company that shares my values 🙂 


Mike Arace – Lead Developer + Programmer

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello Divorce

Having worked with startups for many years, I’ve always been attracted to companies that are trying to improve access to information and democratize complicated processes for regular people. Hello Divorce checks both boxes. We’re taking a lot of the pain out of what has traditionally been a confusing and emotionally fraught experience, and introducing a human touch.



Derrick Tulali – Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Meet the Team Behind Hello Divorce, Hello DivorceMy role at Hello Divorce is to make sure that the website content is optimized for both users and search engines alike. I feel privileged to be part of a team that genuinely wants to provide legal resources with an innovative divorce platform that is changing the complexities and financial impact involved with the divorce process. The unique differentiator that Hello Divorce provides is combining the legal expertise of family law and the technological implementation of having an alternative option to hiring an expensive divorce lawyer. Yet, at the same time, having lawyers available on standby when needed. Simply put, HD is disrupting the legal industry by making divorce affordable.

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