At Hello Divorce, We’re Entering Our Next Chapter

About two years ago, I set out on a mission to change the culture of divorce. I created Hello Divorce to make the process more transparent, more informative, more affordable, and less stressful – before, during and after a divorce becomes final. I wanted to provide access to tools and resources that were actually helpful, and actionable. And I wanted people like you to be able to access help from my stellar team of lawyers who will always have your back, if and when you need it – at a flat rate fee you can actually afford.

And guess what? Turns out a lot of other people are ready for a new, improved way to divorce, too. Hello Divorce took off, like wildfire. Those already using Hello Divorce, use our service in so many ways, taking advantage of our efficient and money saving legal divorce assistant services, or accessing flat-rate LFLG mediation or legal coaching services, or our many lawyer members who use our tools and resources to help innovate their own legal practices.

We’ve grown, and we’re ready to help even more people navigate the divorce process on their terms. So, we made a commercial!

Divorce is so much more manageable when you feel informed and ready to take on each step of the process. We’re here to show you the way, and to help you keep your integrity, sanity and pocketbook intact.

Short on time? Check out the 6-second version:

If you’re ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, we’re ready to help you get there. Join us today as a free Starter Member, or browse our other membership options  or featured flat-rate legals services from LFLG.


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