Piloting Your Life: Erin Levine on A Healthier Approach to Divorce, Hello Divorce

Piloting Your Life: Erin Levine on A Healthier Approach to Divorce

Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine joins “Piloting Your Life” host Terri Hanson Mead to discuss the ways in which divorce is evolving, the way we make choices around divorce and how children impact those decisions.

“What I’m really seeing is that women are living with more intentionality. They want to feel alive and make deliberate choices – not just let life pass them by. Most of these women have waited 5-7 years before pulling the trigger for divorce.

…Usually it’s 5-7 years of either relationship trouble or contemplating divorce. These are women who didn’t just decide ‘I’m going to get divorced’ and the next day – poof! – it happens. These are people who have chosen not to take easy way out. This has been a really hard, heartfelt decision. And what I’m seeing is many of them are making the decision because they truly want to not only have a life that feels good to them, but model these positive relationships to their children.”

– Erin Levine, CEO, Hello Divorce

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