Divorce Navigator Upgrade – File & Serve Docs for You


Prepare your divorce documents with the Divorce Navigator but have our experienced team handle all of the procedural stuff. Follow our guided interviews in Steps 1, 2 and 3, and we will handle the rest.

* Please note, this is an add on to the DIY Divorce Navigator ($99/month). Click HERE to purchase.

What do I receive for $500?

  • We will review all of the documents you prepare to ensure they are ready to file (compliant with state and local rules).
  •  If a “local” form is required in your particular court, we’ll take care of it. 
  • We arrange for service (delivery) of the documents to your spouse. 
  • We complete the Proof of Service(s)(as required by the court). 
  • We compile your entire Judgment “package” and send to the court with SASE’s.


Our experienced legal team is standing by.