Five Reasons Your Divorce Judgment May Have Been Rejected (& What to Do about It)

You have spent hours poring over all of the forms necessary to finalize your divorce. You researched online, browsed a DIY book, and maybe even had a meeting or two with a lawyer. You were finally able to get your spouse to sign and have his/her signature notarized (which was a huge feat in and of itself). You gathered your self-addressed stamped envelopes, made copies of your Judgment and took time out of your (busy) day to drive across town to the courthouse, stand in the clerk’s line and submit your paperwork. Then….. a few days, weeks or months later, you receive an envelope from the court! Inside is not you Judgment — it’s a letter from the court “rejecting your judgment.” Ughhhh! Sound familiar? You’re not alone if it does, because we see hundreds of people each year who need help getting their divorce completed.

We’ve compiled some of the top reasons why Judgments are rejected, and have advice on what to do about it! Sign up for a free membership to read on.

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