It’s Over: The Checklist You Need for Your New Beginning

It’s over. Officially. But, now what?

As a divorce lawyer for the last 12+ years, I can tell you that – as crazy as it sounds – sometimes one of the most difficult parts of divorce is the end. After enduring so many months of negotiation, paperwork, deadlines, heartache and perhaps even frustration or anger; when the divorce judgment is finally granted, it can feel all at once like an incredible burden lifted – but also like a thick cloud of fog settling in. So, now what? Where do you go from here?

One of the most popular resources on Hello Divorce is a pre-leaving checklist. It’s a comprehensive list of to-dos and documents to get in order that helps someone planning to begin the divorce process do so thoughtfully and strategically, at an emotionally difficult time.

Let’s walk through the checklist together and make sure you’re ready for that new beginning!

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