Vacation Planning With Your Ex Driving You Crazy? Co Parenting Tips That Get The Job Done

Scheduling vacations, holidays and special days are time-consuming and exhausting. Who’s hosting Thanksgiving? Do you need to make travel arrangements? Do you really have to invite that pesky Uncle who falls asleep during dinner? Do you need to exchange your vacation plans or negotiate any revisions to your custody agreement with your former spouse or partner? Add to this a difficult ex and you may as well just give up now. But there’s hope. Here are some helpful tips to negotiating/finalizing your vacation plans with that difficult ex.

1. Suggest using online tools.
There are various co-parenting websites that help facilitate scheduling. One popular online resource is “Our Family Wizard.” This website offers various tools to schedule and track parenting time, family information, and manage expenses. Nowadays, it can be difficult to follow a parade of texts/emails. At a minimum, this tool can help expedite the process and at least keep the communications in one useful location.
2. Start negotiations early.
If you know that your ex is going to be difficult, make your proposal for the holidays early on. While you may have a court-ordered holiday schedule, oftentimes things come up and the earlier on they are addressed, the more time you have to negotiate a resolution, and if necessary, file a motion.

Co-parenting can be a test of patience to say the least. Sign up for a free subscription to read out full list of tips to get through vacation planning with an ex.

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