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Get Started: Divorce Plus and Divorce with Benefits in Colorado

Congratulations! Your purchase of Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits means that you will be guided through your divorce, start to finish.  Your divorce expert will show you how to (easily) complete your forms and, s/he’ll review them with you before filing them with the court.

The first thing you have to decide is whether or not you’ll be filing a “co-petition” or separately from your spouse. Joint is the best option if you and your spouse are amicable. If you aren’t sure yet, you can wait to discuss it with the Hello Divorce team. We’ll be in touch shortly.

If you’re ready to get started, click “Start.”

Step 1


Once you’ve completed Step 1,  send us a note so that we can take over. If we don’t hear from you in a day or two, no worries! We’ll check-in.

Optional read:

Sometimes Colorado makes you “appear” for a court appearance (even in an amicable divorce). If that happens, no worries… we’ll prepare you.

There are 3 main steps. We’ll be guiding you through each one and checking in between them, but if you’re an overachiever, you might want to skip ahead at some point. 😉

Step 1 – Petition

Step 2- Financial Statement

Step 3 – Judgment & Separation Agreement

There are loads of other benefits like providing you with personalized resources on legal and other divorce issues, coordinating filing and service of documents with your spouse, updating you on divorce status and proving referrals to vetted professionals (if needed).

One last thing (for now), these resources are really helpful if you’d like to follow along on the divorce process. If you prefer to let us handle that stuff for you, that’s what we’re here for.

The Ultimate Divorce Checklist

Colorado Legal Process Flow Chart

Ok, onward!

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