Family Court & Child Custody 101

Family court is not as depicted in movies or on TV. Family court is not like civil, or traffic or criminal court where there is an issue, both sides argue the matter and present evidence to support their position in court, the judge decides and it’s done. Family court is a completely different animal.

The minute parents are in the family court, decisions about their children are no longer in their hands. Parents do not realize this, however, until quite some time has passed. When in family court, parents are often court ordered to meet with endless “professionals” who will make recommendations and decisions for where the children will be, with whom and when.

No one understands [what] being caught up in family court means until they find themselves in the court system themselves. Experienced co-parenting therapist Alison Urdan offers her professional insight into the ordeal, accessible with a free Hello Divorce membership.

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