How to Get a New Judge to Hear Your Case

Help! My judge clearly has different religious or ethical views than I do. How can I get a new judge to ensure my hearing is unbiased? This can be a tricky one. There are some ways to work around this, but you’ve got to act with prudence, because you only get two (realistic) chances to get this right.

Do your homework before the petition is filed. In California, you must file for divorce in the county where you or your spouse have lived for the preceding three months. If you’ve moved out of the marital home and now find yourself living in a conservative county, whereas your spouse lives in a progressive county, that can help you decide where to file. Filing where the politics are more in your favor could help you get a judge more sensitive to your case.

And that’s just the beginning. Keep reading to find out how to get a new judge if you think your current one isn’t going to be unbiased.

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